Krispy Kreme CDO Pre-Briefing

Sunday, October 06, 2013

You heard it right folks! Krispy Kreme invited CDO Bloggers, Bukidnon Bloggers and Lloyd of for a pre - briefing for Krispy Kreme CDO which will soon to open this coming November 2013 at the Limketkai Center. Oh Im so excited for this! 

If your a frequent diner you would probably notice that the pre-briefing was held at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant - Limketkai. I just love that bookshelves wall!

It's been awhile since my last post. I've been a lazy blogger again. (>_<) 
Anyways, here's my outfit for the Krispy Kreme bloggers pre-briefing...
My look for that day is street style chic... It's actually my first time to layer plain white tee with this new blazer I just bought at an ukay-ukay in Divisoria. I didn't really intend to buy it at first but  the vendor insisted and offered it for a very low prize along with the denim jacket that I purchased. It turns out to be a good purchase because I already have an idea on how to wear it and add a cool look on a plain tee. ^_^ To complete the street style chic look I match it with a bodycon skirt and peep-toe booties.

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  1. I like your shoes! It's very nice! Glad that Krispy Kreme is expanding to CDO! Kailan pa kaya sa Zamboanga? Hehehe can't wait to read about your collaboration with the brand :)

  2. Thank you Michelle!
    Will never know maybe next year they will open in Zamboanga. During the pre-briefing some questions ask are; Where is the next Krispy Kreme branch to open and is there a chance to open in other parts in Mindanao like for example Zamboanga. They said no concrete plans yet but they are open for possibilities and closely looking for the market and demand. :)

  3. I'm glad that there are more events in the province now. So that others will have a chance to be in those fun events. :)

  4. oooh nice shoes venus :) i want to visit CDO someday :3

  5. Aleckzandra PalisocOctober 9, 2013 at 5:42 PM

    I like your skirt! :)


  6. I like your skirt <3 I've been wanting to have something like that too. Krispy Kreme is my fave donut ever. So lucky of you to attend the bloggers' event ^_^

  7. Thank you Shayne! Oh do message me or tweet (@venussmileygal) me Ill be happy to help you tour around CDO and meet other bloggers. :)

  8. Yes Im glad too! I just hope more big company will do launching events here too so we can experience and attend it. :)

  9. Thank you Gen! I just bought this skirt at a local store here but you can check out similar designs on Romwe. ^_^
    I love Krispy Kreme too specially the Glazed donuts.

  10. that's an interesting print skirt! so bang on treand....envious too that you can wear boots now. It's still so warm here!


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