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What I Wore | Boho Chic

I dont know when it started... but all I know is that I love bohemian fashion. From boots to flats, to maxi skirts, sheer pants, flowy and floral dresses... I just love romantic combination of vintage and modern styles. You can express yourself with affordable accessories and details. And since I like to be different and into exotic accessories boho fashion styles make feel comfortable and free every time im wearing one.

What I Wore | White Tee and Floral Skirt

Plain tees are really a lifesaver when you're in a hurry!

As I mentioned in the previous post, me and my friends went out for a Saturdate today. Instances like this that I only have minutes to prep up. I always grab bottom first which I think would be the most comfortable and appropriate to wear for the occasion. from there will then pic the top that will match the bottom. I first opted for white muscle tees to match my floral skirt but then after taking a bath I noticed my shoulders are peeling from the sunburn I got last week. :( So grabbed my trusted white tee instead. 

I bought different colors of this plain tees at Bench. What I like most of this tees is that its in V-neck style. I love V-neck plain tees because wearing them looks sexy.

And oh! Its been awhile since Ive worned my preppy short skirts... 
I miss my kikay/girly days!

What I Wore | Floral & Pink

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

So how was your holiday vacation? Hope you all had a great holidays spent with love ones. ^_^ 
I bet you also receive blessings specially in the form of wrapped gifts. As for me, I received a few and will share them in the coming days... For now, I will share this outfit I wore at the Bonchon Chicken media meeting. 

I've already mentioned that I'm into floral lately right? Was so thankful to a generous friend for passing this floral bottom-down top to me. This is just so fab and the cloth is so comfy. The shorts... got it from a thrifted shop.

The butterfly bracelet is from a blogger friend's wedding. It's a bridal gift to her entourage, was one of the bridemaids. Cute isnt it? I actually helped the bride on picking the designs. ;)

See yah on my next post!

P.S. Still thinking if will I make a new year resolution blog post. For now all I had in mine is to regularly update this blog with the latest things in my life and ofcourse in my closet... ;)

Online Shopping| Floral Watch

Shared previously about my latest online shopping adverture at Photo above is me wearing the floral watch with my floral boho pants in the background. I just love the watch! The quality is great and the time is exactly right.

If you like to purchase this floral watch buy it here!