Zaful Bikini Wishlist

Zaful Bikini 
 Zaful Bikini Ici
Shopping for everything nowadays gets extra hard because you have so many options where to shop. And not only that, the wide variety of design and styles makes it even more harder. The good thing though is that the designs became more versatile, so if you choose wisely you can wore it again in different season and occasions. All you need is to mix and match it wisely.
On that note, here are some modish bikinis Ive browse at which Im thinking of adding to my closet...
What I love about the styles of this bikini is that the stylish top can also be worn casually. You just layer something on top of it and your good to go... You're swimming ready any time as well. ^_^  
If you're interested on this bikini as well, click on the image for the links.