Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Review

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hi everyone! How was weekend?
Today I am sharing a gift I received from Irresistible Me... the Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush! This is actually my first to own one like this so I am very much excited when this arrive...
For now, I will be sharing a review on the product itself because I tried taking photos while using it and it turns out not so great (the photos I mean). Its a struggle taking photos on my own. 
I just realized Im gonna need to create a video to show you how I use it but will yet gather my confidence so as not to look awkward on camera. ^_^
However, one things for sure... I will be creating another post showing the before and after of using the hair brush
Added bummer is that I just had a new hair style that is cut short (Remember my dramatic ash gray post previously?), so you'll probably not notice the after effect.
Irresistible Me, is a growing brand of 100% natural clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools like flat irons and curler. I choose the ceramic straightening brush because (1) I am not really into styling my hair, (2)  I don't have much patience using flat irons, and (3) Im afraid of damaging my hair with flat irons. 
Besides being curious about this ceramic straightening brush, I've read and look for some video reviews in using this and I learn that its really a best alternative to flat irons.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
I really like its color very attractive and chic!
It comes in a gorgeously designed and sturdy box with magnetic closure that you can use to store it with.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
When you first switch it on the LCD screen light up. And it will start to heat up fast. The temperature start at the minimum of 350℉/180℃ and the maximum temperature is 450℉/230℃.
In the manual, they recommend the following:
350℉/180℃ for delicate, colored, and fine hair
410℉/210℃ for naturally textured hair
450℉/230℃ for thick or wavy hair
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
Its anti-scalding bristle is safe to contact on your scalp so you can straighten the hair from the root. I tried touching it with my palm and I feel the heat but it didn't burn my palm. 
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
It's very convenient to use because its lightweight, has a (8ft) long cord, and has a 360 degree swivel cord on the tip that prevent the cord from tangling. It also has a universal voltage (40 Watt) so you can take the brush when traveling. Just make sure to use an adapter to go in the socket.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
I actually struggled using the hair straightening brush at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. And I just love that it not only straightens my hair it also make my hair feels so smooth. I like touching it every time.  
As for the shipping... It took 3 weeks for this to be delivered door-to-door. The country of origin is Germany. Its actually fast, because I saw in the stamp on the box that it arrived 2 weeks early in the Philippines. The usual slow part is our local postal office.

Have you use a  hair straightening brush too? Any tips you can share?

Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog. And looking forward to read your comments. :)

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  1. I heard a lot of good about this brush lately, great review, girl.

  2. This brush looks nice!


  3. I have naturally wavy hair and sure it's awesome to have it because I don't get to spend a lot of time curling it, but I do want to sport a straight hair once in a while hahaha :) I'll probably give this a try. Thanks for the review, Ate Venus! :)


  4. Wow this sounds amazing, honestly does it burn hair a lot? Or do you see improvement from when you use a normal straightener? You know what my ideal straightener would be? Wireless one loool so I can take it everywhere when my fringe acts up, do they even exist? Thank you so much for sharing this with us.. :-) Have a lovely day! Visit me whenever you have time www.its-dominica.blogspot.co.uk kisses Dominica! xXx

    1. Hi Dominica! No it didnt burn my hair so far since using it. And even though I am not using regularly I doubt if it burns my hair because the temperature can be change. So if you probably choose a hire temp that's going to damage your hair. I just use the minimum temp of 350 degree.
      Ohh probably in the future. You know technology nowadays is so advance.
      Youre welcome.Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  5. I watched Youtube videos before and I find them so practical to use than an iron. Nice review by the way, the only missing is the before-after photo of your hair. :) Looking forward on that post :)


    1. Thank you! Yes will definitely create a before and after post. :)

  6. Such a great review! The hair straightener sounds fab!

    PS: Thank your for your sweet congratulation wishes on my gender reveal post! They meant so much to me and my family! Love always!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  7. This looks and sounds really interesting!! Thanks for sharing.

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  8. It sure looks nice.. Looking forward to the video of you using it.
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    Please let me know on my blog and I will follow back as soon as possible!

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  9. This is the first I'm reading about this particular product from Irresistible Me and it sounds quite interesting and easy to use! I love the blue color and design, too! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having the best week so far!



  10. Great review, Venus
    I love the fact that it makes the hair smooth as well
    I am considering buying a straightening brush, since I think it's more easy to use than a straigtening iron
    I'll definitely check out this product then!
    Thank you for sharing :)

    Happy weekend for you
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    My handmade jewelry pop-up store
    Kisses, Isabelle

  11. Gorgeous pick, Ms V! Love your hair. Thanks for sharing doll.
    Much love, Len

  12. Thanks for the review but Karmin is my preference.


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