Is Your Life A Best Seller Webtoon?

If your life was a webtoon will it be a best seller one?

Before anything else... Hello there! Happy hump day!
Yes. I admit this post was inspired from the Korean drama, W. ^_^
This question just popped in my mind while watching the drama... I commend the writer for such a mind-bogglingly twists in every episodes. Even though it made the drama interesting, I almost give-up at episode 5... I think or somewhere there. :D Not that its a bad drama, its just that my brain was aching trying to figure out the drama. I have so many why and how. hahaha
And I was watching drama while working with my online job, to entertain me... However, the drama added more stressful thinking. That is why I almost give-up. XD
Good thing I didn't stop watching it because it was amazing and exciting in the end.
By the way, for those of you who haven't watch and interested to watch this Korean drama... I watch it here.

Now back to the question... 
If my life was a webtoon will it be a best seller? 
Or atleast interesting? 
Or will anyone bother to read it?
To be honest, my life now is not really exciting and just plainly routinary.
That is in comparison to my  past life which definitely has it's own taste of bitter-sweet dramas. My past has so many ups and downs, struggles, disappointments, heart-breaks and challenging twist that thought me a lot of my life's greatest lessons. If anyone reading my life story I bet they would learned a lot just as I did.
My past made me a strong and thriving woman that I am today.
Made me appreciate everything that I have now.
Made me grateful everyday, for every blessings and miracles in my life now.

Nobody would probably bother reading my life now if its a webtoon.
But no matter how boring my life now. I am thinking positively that soon a romantic comedy will soon unfold. And I'm excited because that's my fave genre. <3 p="">
And even though in reality a happy ending is non-existent... (Because for me... as long we are alive the chapters of the book of our life goes on and the journey continues. And so possibilities are still endless.) I still believe that there is no reason for us to lose hope, if our life story is a best seller or not. As long as we wake up each day, we have the chance to recreate our life, make it more exciting in a positive way and also make it the best selling story.

Happiness is just around the corner easily given to those who are willing to receive and share.