Love Midnight Snacking?

I actually just bump into this video commercial from Athena milk while browsing online. I immediately got attracted to the question they ask. Yes I love midnight snacking its something that keeps or helps me stay awake while working till the sun comes out. Workig graveyard shift is no fun for right now anymore. I cant concentrate on the task at hand because all I think is sleep. So I diverted my attention to games or food. My fave foods are:

Ding Dong Mixed Nuts - I don't like the nuts but I like the cashew and green peas on it.
Ding DOng Mixed nuts

Hot & spicy noodles - I actually don't eat spicy food but since I've tried once eating spicy hot noodles on midnight. Ive been eating it since then... Some weird discovery of myself at midnight. :D
hot spicy noodles

Chocolates - What more can I say about this? :P

So for those who sleep late and go midnight snacking before bedtime here's a video of Anne Curtis giving you tips on how not to suppress your cravings and actually make snacking part of your #BeautyHour.