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#WonderfulMindaNOW: Cagayan De Oro Recommended Places

I mentioned in my previous post that I will be exploring Cagayan De Oro for #WonderfulMindaNOW campaign right? Well, I really had fun going out and about in the city that I'm thinking of doing this more often. Will be featuring more of this local go to places in Cagayan de Oro in my CDO guide blog, but ofcourse will also update outfits and personal thoughts here. ;)
So without further adieu here's the top 10 go to places I can recommend.

1. Oh My Pastry & Cafe

Looking for the best silvanas and homemade pastries in CDO? Checkout Oh My Pastry at Yacapin - Velez!

The delicious Silvanas and Sans rival from Oh My Pastry!

Cozy and relaxing spot! Selfie and Instagram worthy... ;)

2. Lifestyle District

Lifestyle District the all-in-one hangout, relaxation, dining and entertainment destination in CDO!

3. PopRock Bakeshop & Cafe

Where you can find the tastiest Banoffe. A must try dessert! Pop Rock also serve affordable meals.

PopRock Bakeshop & Cafes Banoffee...

4. Sonrisa Vista Resort

Sonrisa Vista Resort the newest and coolest resort in the city. Its a work in progress but the place already offers a lot of entertaining things to do.

Indian Village at Sonrisa! Enjoy Indian experience with their tipi's.

5. Dave's Beanery Cafe

Dave's Beanery offers serenity from the hustle and bustle of the city. A great place to just chill!

Specialty main dish is Beef Mania. Panini with fries is a must try too!

6. Stargate Dream Vacation Resort

Nice view of the Cagayan River at Stargate Resort swimming pool.

7. Inilog Grill

Inilog Grill is where Kagay-anon's chill, listen to live music and have fun at night. Inilog Grill serves Pinoy foods. They have live acoustic music, free use of dart boards and has sports TV.

Fresh Hito, available in the following recipe: deep-fried, adobo, grilled and ginataan.

8. Vicente De Lara Park.

One of the oldest park in #CDO. The park is located in front of the Provincial Capitol building where the government of Misamis Oriental seat. It also serves as ideal place to jog in the morning and to stroll in the evening as it has pleasant atmosphere and romantic view.

9. Missy Bon Bon Breadshop

Famous bread shop in #CDO... Missy Bon Bon! They offer breads, cakes, sandwiches, pasta, all-day filipino breakfast, all-day pancakes & toast and gelatos.

Bread selections

Gelato selections...

10. Guru Climbing Gym

If your looking for a sports activity in #CDO try wall climbing at Guru! They have exciting walls for you to climb that will surely satisfy your adventurous sid

Have you been to this places in Cagayan de Oro? What are you and your friends favorite places to recommend? Share it at the comment section below. :)

Kikay Monday: Korean Food + Ice Cream

Mondate with friends... Since each of us are busy during weekends my friends and I decided to see each other every Monday to go out, window shopping, eat, drink coffee and whatever "kakikayan" that we can think of. Its our way of catching up and de-stress.

Love Midnight Snacking?

I actually just bump into this video commercial from Athena milk while browsing online. I immediately got attracted to the question they ask. Yes I love midnight snacking its something that keeps or helps me stay awake while working till the sun comes out. Workig graveyard shift is no fun for right now anymore. I cant concentrate on the task at hand because all I think is sleep. So I diverted my attention to games or food. My fave foods are:

Ding Dong Mixed Nuts - I don't like the nuts but I like the cashew and green peas on it.
Ding DOng Mixed nuts

Red Berry Yogurt On Pink Fridays

Its another Pink Friday! I'll be sharing to you my favorite healthy dessert in pink cup. Yogurt! I love it mixed with fruits but on the photo below I tried mixing cashew nut to my usual fave add-ons which are kiwi and blueberry. Verdict? Nah I didn't like it. :( The cashew nuts was added too many that I can no longer taste the fruits. I still prefer fruits on my yogurt. I like eating cashew nuts but definitely not with yogurt...

Chef Hasset's Baking Workshop Series

Last February 19, 2012 I along with fellow CDObloggers attended the  Culinary Institute in Cagayan de Oro Open House. This is actually my second time to visit CIC because I have also been invited to the All You Want Bars!  Pastry Workshop of Chef Hasset go.

This time around its another pastry workshop which is the favorite cakes cooking demo still with Chef Hasset Go. It started early in the morning and I was even late for the orientation. After that we were toured around there school rooms and facilities. In one of the rooms there was an on going class on international cuisine. Ahhh! I cant wait for April to come so I can start with my International Cuisine 5-Day Workshop. ;)

Finally, the workshop started. We were given the menu of each 4 cakes to be baked; Caramel Custard Cake, Concorde, Purple-Jackfruit Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake. Since the baking is long we were able to witness the baking demo for Caramel Custard Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake because the other half resume on the afternoon.


Its really fun and interesting learning on how to bake cakes. I myself would love to learn more of it because I want to bake and decorate it according to my taste. However, I opted for the international cuisine workshop this summer because I wanna learn cooking delicious cuisines from different parts of the world first.

That 2 workshops I have attended in CIC, hype up my interest and inspired me to really pursue cooking and baking class. Watching and listening to Chef Hasset Go made it more inspiring because he started young on the pastry industry which dubbed him the youngest pastry chef in the country.  Other than that, because of he knows how to cook different delicious food and he bakes pastries and sweets he found a career and eventually build his own business. And of course not to mention his good-looking features (you guys know what I mean. :D) which every girls weakness is already inspiring because you will be seeing Chef Hasset at CIC as one of the instructors.

Pinoy Delicacy: Biko

Filipino Food Biko
Filipino Food Biko

Good Friday. Rather than the usual binignit we prepared biko (rice cake topped with caramel topping or latik). I bought for the ingredients and then my neighbor cook for it and then we share it after. My mom got lazy cooking biko even if she does know how to cook it because she was thinking that only 3 of us going to eat it and added to that mom and I cant eat to much of food which was cooked with coconut milk in it (or even oily foods) because if we do our heads would be aching and feel dizzy the whole time. In short kabuhion me... :D

Fun Shots @ Galam!

I forgot to blog that CDOBloggers is officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Yepeey!
This is the reason why last July 11, 2009 (Saturday) we schedule an ID photo shoot for CDObloggers officers at Galam. Too bad not all officers was able to come, so the rest of the hours was spend taking fun shots which we usually do.

Check out more photos here....