Northern Mindanao Bloggers Centrio Mall Tour

Weeks from now Centrio Mall will be opening its door to Kagay-anons. Since it has been anticipated I bet it'll have a lot of people going to the mall. Good thing though that Centrio Mall gave CDObloggers along with Iligan and Bukidnon bloggers an advance mall tour.
When we arrived we were welcome by the marketing team and divided into 2 groups for the tour.
While The first group already on tour the group I belong in headed to the Marketing office at the 3rd floor of the mall for the introduction and overview of Centrio Mall.
Food served to us...

During our mall tour most of the shops aint done yet. Only a few shops who are already set-up and just needed cleaning and product display.

Heading to the Cinema. The cinema can cater 300 people. They have 2 2D cinemas and 2 regular cinemas.

The mall has a garden wherein you can find 2 acacia trees that they did not cut down during construction. It has playground for the kids. The garden is sorrounded with fine dining restaurants.

Here are some snaps of my fellow bloggers...

An yes lets end this post with a photo of myself. ^_^