That On-sale Booty!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

After a dinner meeting I along with fellow CDObies Jacques and Vicmadz drop by at Payless Shoesource boutique to check for some on-sale items. As soon as we arrive I had immediately picked an on-sale booty. Most of the shoe size are already either too big or too small specially on the on-sale items. Good thing there is still a 6 and 1/2 size (my size) of which seem to fit but I think it'll hurt after a long walk. And so I ask if size 7 is available and luckily still has.
After paying I stroll around the other side, which was an effin bad move! The reason is that I saw another booty on-sale and I love so much the style. I was so excited and fit it immediately but it was too big because its size 8. We ask for a lower size but the saleslady said its the only one left, I ask again and again maybe they could still find smaller size but sadly there was none. I really felt bad because I really love the style and it has a good quality in an on-sale price of Php 300. :( To my frustration, Jacques had to drag me out because the store is already closing and  I still don't want to take my hand off on that booty and I almost bought it even its too big for my feet... Hahaha
Here is that booty im talking about... Taadddaaaa!

Oh! By the way, will post a photo of the other booty I've firstly bought soon when I already used it. For now heres the packaging... :D

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