Missy Bon Bon's Gelato Rama

Justine and I just had a Gelato bonding at Missy Bon Bon last week. We match our Gelato's with
our most fave desert mango float!

Justine ordered this Fruit Salad Gelato and requested to placed a cherry on top...
And for me I tried the flavor that I haven't tasted yet and I think a new flavor, the Mixed Berry Yogurt. It is tasty I do hope its going to be available on the Gelato Rama I would definitely pick that as well as the Green Apple Yogurt. :D
It's 3 days to go before the First year anniversary of Missy Bon Bon which will be on April 16, 2010. Are your passes ready of the unlimited scoop of gelato for the Missy Bon Bon's Gelato Rama?

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  1. looks yummy! i think my daughter and I ought to try this too. sarap mag-bonding w/ ur kid ano? hehe

  2. It really is yummy! You should try it. :) Yeah, sarap talaga magbonding. Huwag lang magkatantrums. :D


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