Measles Vaccination

  • Wednesday, April 13, 2011
  • By Venus Gal

There was a house-to-house measles vaccination from Nazareth Health Center for ages 0-7 today. My Justine got vaccinated too! Though it was kinda crazy a neighbor and a health center representative had to help me hold him because at first attempt I almost fell from the monoblock chair we are seating, my little guy was very afraid and hysterical. And because of Justine's constant moving, the nurse had to inject him again because the injection was not properly injected. He was worried the needle might break so he had to pull it again and inject a new one. Scary!
When Justine was still a little, he was never like this when he had his scheduled immunization though... Does your town provide free measles vaccination also?

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  1. wow! that's a great project of your town mommy... here naman sa London, free din lahat ng vaccines kaya masaya. hehehe... ang lakas ng kiddo mo! hehe...

  2. I think it the free measle vaccination is the DOH' initiative to prevent measles in the whole area of the Philippines. So it is done nationwide. We had it here last month too, in our place. My son actually benefited it. It's a good program of the government, isn't it?


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