Wall Street Journal Launches Global Brand Campaign

Last February 23, 2015 Wall Street Journal today launched its new global brand campaign “Make Time”.
“Make Time” is designed to illustrate the essential personal and professional value of a Journal subscription." 
Dow Jones Chief Marketing Officer Suzi Watford said, "This campaign highlights the value of making time to read the Journal, no matter how busy people are. It also confirms that subscribing to the Journal puts you in a community with other ambitious people who prioritize being at the top of their game.

The campaign will run through June 30, which features readers who make time to read the Journal.

Watch the new commercial and learn why Will.I.Am subscribes to The Wall Street Journal along with others like Zhang Xin, Tory Burch and Bill McDermott.

Do you read Wall Street Journal too? Share things that you learn from it.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal.

#Travel2015: Cebu

Hi there! Hows everyone been doing? Me? Getting lazier in updating this blog. Seems like this has always been my lame excuse when Im not blogging for awhile huh... There's a lot of things I want to share with you and will start with my trip to Cebu last January.

I tag along with my cousin and her family, who had to travel to Cebu for some important appointment to attend. It was an unplanned trip and I love it coz I got the chance to travel on the first month of the year. I am hoping this will be a mark of more travel this year. (Crossing Fingers)

Will be blogging more about the places we've visited but let me give you the summary of our trip through this pics...

Just had an hour of sleep because I worked graveyard... Then we woke  up extra early for a roadtrip to the airport and to catch our flight in time, which unfortunately was super delayed... And unluckily turn out to be cancelled flight, that we had to transfer to another flight for Cebu.

Hello Cebu! The trip was just short compared to the hours we waited for our plane. We're already super hungry and the van from the hotel that we commissioned to pick us up arrived late. (>.<)

Arrived at Mango Park Hotel... finally! The view from our room...

Would love to lay down and grab the much needed rest but my tummy wont let me.

We grabbed our late lunch/early dinner at the SM City Mall... The food court there is so nice and clean. You can choose a variety of delicious viands at the affordable prices without waiting. Most likely on peak hours like lunch and dinner time, you have to wait in line when paying because its "Pay as you order" service.

 After lunch, the kids went to Worlds of Fun which just beside the food court. And since Im a kid-at-heart too... I joined them. I miss riding bump cars. I rarely see one here locally so took this chance to enjoy it with the kids. 

Before heading home this Crazy Crepes catch our attention and so we tried it! I love it!

Travel wont be complete without visiting the tourist spots... 

First stop... Taoist Temple!

Basilica del Santo NiƱo...

Magellan's Cross...

Looking for pasalubong or goodies to love ones? Drop by at La Fortuna Bakery which is right behind the Magellan's Cross.

Ayala Terraces...

For dining... You might enjoy cherry blossoms in France at La Vie Parisienne!

Lighthouse Restaurant which is fortunately right beside our hotel serves delicious native foods. Two thumbs up! 
Thats it folks... Will share more details about our Cebu trip in my upcoming post. 

What I Wore | White Tee and Floral Skirt

Plain tees are really a lifesaver when you're in a hurry!

As I mentioned in the previous post, me and my friends went out for a Saturdate today. Instances like this that I only have minutes to prep up. I always grab bottom first which I think would be the most comfortable and appropriate to wear for the occasion. from there will then pic the top that will match the bottom. I first opted for white muscle tees to match my floral skirt but then after taking a bath I noticed my shoulders are peeling from the sunburn I got last week. :( So grabbed my trusted white tee instead. 

I bought different colors of this plain tees at Bench. What I like most of this tees is that its in V-neck style. I love V-neck plain tees because wearing them looks sexy.

And oh! Its been awhile since Ive worned my preppy short skirts... 
I miss my kikay/girly days!

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all!

How did you you spent your Valentine's day? As for me, just went out with my friends. The original plan was to watch a comedy show but then for some reason was canceled. My plan B was to just stay at home and work. Yes! Work on a weekend! :) Dont want to go out because it'll be crowded everywhere since a lot of people are dating... (Just picture me strolling alone while everybody are in pairs.) However, my friend woke me up with a call to go out... We ended grabbing lunch at Bubble Tea, Centrio Mall and just stroll right after.

What I Wore | Aztec & Side-Slit Skirt

You guess it right! Yet another outfit post from last year.. ;)

 I have so many outfit shots from last year that I haven't shared on this blog so Im obviously catching up. It feel so good to finally share this OOTD.

A New Day

Good morning everyone!
Here I am again taking another shot on changing my sleeping habit to normal schedule. Im crossing fingers to consistently keep up with my schedule this time. I am hoping to do this the whole month just so my body will get use to it. 
Still my work requires me to stay up from 10PM to 6AM but Im determine to go normal schedule in sleeping. Just had to work on the task delivery and report turn over, so as not to affect my work. 
The reason im doing this is that my abnormal sleeping schedule causes me to get stressed easily and takes away my appetite. I always feel the need to sleep, which taking most of my time in a day. I easily get tired and most of the time lazy. Eventhough working at night use to gave me peace, lately Im no longer productive.  
I now sleep just before midnight and woke-up around 4-5 oclock in the morning with no alarms. And then I do afternoon sleeping usually from 3-6PM. My afternoon naps still takes much time though, cant control it. However, I feel its a good start. 

P.S. Was not able to catch good shot of sunrise lately. So Im posting this sunset shot instead on this post. Took this shot via my Sony Experia phone. ^_^

What I Got For Christmas

No this ain't for bragging the gifts I received but simply to show and say my utmost gratitude to friends who remembered me on Christmas.

My friend Risa got me this muscle tee from Oxygen. She really noted that muscle tees are one of my latest faves. Which reminds me to share my collections of statement muscle tees on my next post. ^_^ 

My friend, Dee, got me this two #OOTD worthy clothes. She said the model looks good wearing the draped maxi skirt and the crop tee in combo, so she bought them both for me. Here's a tip, she purchased this from an online sale at Lazada.com.ph. I managed to found it though... :D So incase you love it, here's the link for the draped maxi skirt and the crop tee.

This one came from my cousin, Nike. Im not a fan of leggings but still im looking forward on wearing this. This one is more like a ponte pants because its thick enough to wear as pants. I'm thinking of white top and a pair of boots to match with this. Watchatink?

Ponte Pants - They are a cross between a legging and a skinny jean. They are made from ponte – a thick, double-knit fabric with two-way stretch.

Lastly, got this candy glass from the exchange gifts in our neighborhood. Minus the candies though. I used it right after unwrapping it. We pre-picked the person whom we are going to wrapped gifts for and what I gave was a scented candles & diffuser gift set. I love it actually I almost dont want to give it. :D

Come to think of it I didnt get to buy any gift for myself. hmmm...
Anyways, kamsahamnida... salamat.. thank you everyone for sharing your blessing.

How about you? Did Santa tick any on your Christmas wishlist?