The CDObloggers 2012 Kickoff!

CDOBloggers Inc just recently inducted the new set of officers for the year 2012 last February 26, 2012 at Lokal Grill. Members had fun chill-out and bond! Everyone had a blast singing there hearts out, showing off all there powerful pose and use all the strength in just one game. Yeah, im not kidding it was one hell of a game that our President Vicmadz organize. (-.-) Will definitely not join on another game the President will organize. lol
Anyway, after the videoke the induction took place. Officers as well as members had an oath taking ceremony and then signing of Memorandum of Agreement(MOA). Followed by a message from the Founder/Board Member Chiq Montes and the newly appointed President Vic Marion Madriaga.

Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Officers for 2012

President: Vic Marion Madriaga
Vice President-Internal: Venus Mabale
Vice President-External: Roxanne Hambre
Secretary: Jacques Agbon
Public Relations Officer: Eleanor Aguilar
Treasurer: Rob Gunayan
Auditor: Elva Agbon

As one of the set of officers we will word hard for this year and hope to gain more active members. We already set out a project plan for the whole year that you will surely look forward. Please do check the activities below and save the dates. We hope to meet and greet you all. ;)

For Membership Sign-up: 

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Chef Hasset Go Cakes Cooking Demo

Last February 19, 2012 I along with fellow CDObloggers attended the  Culinary Institute in Cagayan de Oro Open House. This is actually my second time to visit CIC because I have also been invited to the All You Want Bars!  Pastry Workshop of Chef Hasset go.

This time around its another pastry workshop which is the favorite cakes cooking demo still with Chef Hasset Go. It started early in the morning and I was even late for the orientation. After that we were toured around there school rooms and facilities. In one of the rooms there was an on going class on international cuisine. Ahhh! I cant wait for April to come so I can start with my International Cuisine 5-Day Workshop. ;)

Finally, the workshop started. We were given the menu of each 4 cakes to be baked; Caramel Custard Cake, Concorde, Purple-Jackfruit Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake. Since the baking is long we were able to witness the baking demo for Caramel Custard Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake because the other half resume on the afternoon.

Its really fun and interesting learning on how to bake cakes. I myself would love to learn more of it because I want to bake and decorate it according to my taste. However, I opted for the international cuisine workshop this summer because I wanna learn cooking delicious cuisines from different parts of the world first.

That 2 workshops I have attended in CIC, hype up my interest and inspired me to really pursue cooking and baking class. Watching and listening to Chef Hasset Go made it more inspiring because he started young on the pastry industry which dubbed him the youngest pastry chef in the country.  Other than that, because of he knows how to cook different delicious food and he bakes pastries and sweets he found a career and eventually build his own business. And of course not to mention his good-looking features (you guys know what I mean. :D) which every girls weakness is already inspiring because you will be seeing Chef Hasset at CIC as one of the instructors.

That On-sale Booty!

After a dinner meeting I along with fellow CDObies Jacques and Vicmadz drop by at Payless Shoesource boutique to check for some on-sale items. As soon as we arrive I had immediately picked an on-sale booty. Most of the shoe size are already either too big or too small specially on the on-sale items. Good thing there is still a 6 and 1/2 size (my size) of which seem to fit but I think it'll hurt after a long walk. And so I ask if size 7 is available and luckily still has.
After paying I stroll around the other side, which was an effin bad move! The reason is that I saw another booty on-sale and I love so much the style. I was so excited and fit it immediately but it was too big because its size 8. We ask for a lower size but the saleslady said its the only one left, I ask again and again maybe they could still find smaller size but sadly there was none. I really felt bad because I really love the style and it has a good quality in an on-sale price of Php 300. :( To my frustration, Jacques had to drag me out because the store is already closing and  I still don't want to take my hand off on that booty and I almost bought it even its too big for my feet... Hahaha
Here is that booty im talking about... Taadddaaaa!

Oh! By the way, will post a photo of the other booty I've firstly bought soon when I already used it. For now heres the packaging... :D

Globe Libreng Tawag In The Earthquake-Devastated Town

Globe Telecom to provide relief ops in Guihulngan; Libreng Tawag starts today

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom is set to conduct relief operations in the earthquake-devastated town of Guihulngan in Negros Oriental which the government placed under a state of calamity on February 7.

“Globe is already mapping out relief ops plan for Guihulngan since the people there need food, water, and treatment facilities. We are actually ready with the goods but we are still figuring out how to deliver them considering that we got problems with access since roads and bridges are down,” said Rob I. Nazal, Head of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.

In the meantime, Globe decided to put up a Libreng Tawag center in Guihulngan to give affected residents a chance to call their relatives and friends without charge. The Libreng Tawag facility is located at the town proper where most of the people converge.

With Libreng Tawag, Nazal said Guihulngan residents can easily get in touch with other people to ask for assistance and comfort or simply inform their loved ones about how they are doing. Globe, he said, is committed to providing free mobile phone service in calamity-stricken areas.

Guihulngan is suffering from massive damage not only to homes, roads, and bridges but also to water pipelines and electric lines, thereby, leaving a lot of people in the streets without shelter, food, drinking water, and electricity. Guilhungan was among the hardest hit by the 6.9-magnitude earthquake which struck the province on February 6.

Globe disaster relief operations are being conducted through a partnership with Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), a Church-based, Jesuit-led organization. Through E-Ugnay Disaster Management System, both Globe and SLB are able to take advantage of the convergence of mobile and internet technologies in consolidating disaster information from all over the country. The system allows on-ground personnel to act immediately whenever calamities strike and to reach out to Filipinos affected by such disasters.

The Dangers of Digital Camera Flash to High Voltage Electrical Lines

Let me tell you something I just read a while ago. Its a story shared on Facebook about a boy suffered from electricity burns and eventually died after one & half days. The reason of the burn is that while taking pictures using his digital camera he captured an angle which has 40,000 volts electrical line passing and was transported to him through the digital camera's flash. Read more of the story below...

Read the whole article here: Believe and Dont Say "Chalta Hai Yaar"

I was thankful to read and came across this article. I've been addicted to taking picture anywhere and everywhere, unknowingly of the dangers I may get. Thanks also that the user also shares useful tips which I admittedly guilty of practicing. To my readers please do read and take care.
  • Please avoid mobile phones on petrol outlets.
  • Please avoid talking on mobile phones while driving.
  • Change that "Chalta Hai Yaar Attitude" (Chalta hai yaar is comparable to "Bahala na!" in Filipino also means just ignore or not giving attention to it in English)
  • Please avoid talking on mobile phones while kept in charging mode without disconnecting from wall socket.
  • Please do not keep mobile phones on your bed while charging and / on wooden furniture.
  • Avoid using mobile phones / Digital cameras near high voltage electrical lines like in railway stations and avoid using flash.
True or not this was a safety issue that we should be concern. It could be a coincident as someone above had suggested but it always better to err on the side safety. Just like using cell phone while pumping gasoline to your car,it was shown that this was a very bad idea and could lead to serious accident.