Missy Bon Bon's 1st Anniversary

Yesterday was the 1st year anniversary of Missy Bon Bon! There were already lots of people inside and outside when I arrive. Everyone are busy eating and purchasing goodies and snacks. But the highlight of the celebration was the Gelatorama, it was like a feast of gelato's! There was a lot of new flavors to choose from and for costumers who had the Gelatorama pass including me had a blast of the unlimited gelato scoops.
There were also lots of prizes given like if you purchase a 200 worth of goodies will have the chance to pick an egg where you can found a prize inside. In the evening also there was a live band, Q & A games and prizes found under selected tables and chairs. Our table won a prize of yet another cup of gelato... hahaha

Heres our empty cups with my fellow CDObloggers...

Measles Vaccination

There was a house-to-house measles vaccination from Nazareth Health Center for ages 0-7 today. My Justine got vaccinated too! Though it was kinda crazy a neighbor and a health center representative had to help me hold him because at first attempt I almost fell from the monoblock chair we are seating, my little guy was very afraid and hysterical. And because of Justine's constant moving, the nurse had to inject him again because the injection was not properly injected. He was worried the needle might break so he had to pull it again and inject a new one. Scary!
When Justine was still a little, he was never like this when he had his scheduled immunization though... Does your town provide free measles vaccination also?

Missy Bon Bon's Gelato Rama

Justine and I just had a Gelato bonding at Missy Bon Bon last week. We match our Gelato's with
our most fave desert mango float!
Justine ordered this Fruit Salad Gelato and requested to placed a cherry on top...
And for me I tried the flavor that I haven't tasted yet and I think a new flavor, the Mixed Berry Yogurt. It is tasty I do hope its going to be available on the Gelato Rama I would definitely pick that as well as the Green Apple Yogurt. :D
It's 3 days to go before the First year anniversary of Missy Bon Bon which will be on April 16, 2010. Are your passes ready of the unlimited scoop of gelato for the Missy Bon Bon's Gelato Rama?

Where is the Freedom of Expression in Social Media?

Just the other day I heard a news on Fox News about an employee got fired because of her Facebook status update about boss' salary. Then last Friday Willie Revillame rants on TV about suing people who express their opinions on Twitter regarding the Jan2x issue. And then just last some people rants hate tweets to Tim Yap for tweeting the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 winners in advance while the said event is airing in progress in ABS CBN. Some people said Tim Yap intentionally post the spoiler to spite the rival channel where Tim is currently working and some said for publicity. For me, I actually don't see any wrong on what Tim did because the fact that others who have seen the coronation night in Araneta also tweeted the results.
From @harold_geronimo
Around 82 people who were in Araneta tweeted the winners earlier. Blame it to ABS-CBN for delayed airing. Twitter is real-time.
And why is it during Manny Pacquioa's fight and others tweeted earlier for the results nobody rants about it as spoiler? hmmm.. thats odd.
We should remember that celebrities like Tim Yap are people who also has the freedom to express what they want to say on their own social media accounts as long as they don't abused it.
People has so much hate to express but not much love to give... Why not do the other way for a change? You will not just free yourself from stress but also contribute in world peace which exactly what we need right now. In addition, if you dont like what he/she is expressing then unfollow or unfriend them. Dont waste your time hating others for their status updates and opinions. Express what you want to express but stop hate attacks! There's a lot of other important things to worry about yo...
Ika nga ni @kbrosas
Ang daming problema sa mundo, mga trahedya, gera etc...dun ako affected...demanda dahil sa opinion?? Wait na lng natin kung mangyayari yon:)

Stylish Grandma's!

Young women your going to be an old women someday. Don't worry about it. Don't sweat it! Don't worry about getting older... Every era, it builts character!

How I wish I had grandma's like them-- a fashionista. If I did has... I bet we both would have a great deal of things to talk about from colors, designs, shoes and accessories. We would definitely have shopping and styling as bonding moments, hmmm... that certainly is sounds good. On the contrary, I do have such a strict lola and everytime she sees me wearing something sexy and unusual she would immediately criticize it or worst even labeled you as some "hooker". Yeah right!
I do hope everyone can understand the deep meaning of fashion... Fashion is not what about you wear but about confidence and getting a comfortable feeling from what you are wearing and definitely not just for display.
Get inspired and check out the blog called... Advance Style
Photo from Advance Style