Monday Wishlist: Bagable

I discovered this website who sells different types of bags, the name is Bagable. As I browse into the site I've had a several bags that I want to own and so I created this wishlist post. :)

Here are my top picks:

Fossil Key-per Flap Satchel Bag (ROSE) - I dont have a bag like this yet so im excited to own one. :)
Keyper flap Satchel bag

Fossil Marlow Satchel bag (Camel) - Been thinking of buying a bag like this but I havent found a design that suits my taste. This one so far grab my attention specially on the details.
Fossil marlow satchel

Caribee Freshwater backpack (Navy) - For sporty and adventure activities, this can be a fashionable backpack to bring. I just love the design of this. :)

Caribee freshwater Backpack

Kipling College Backpack (Turq Blue/Badge Print) - I also like the design on this one. This can be my fashionable laptop bag since it has a compartment for laptop. I also like that it has a lot of pockets inside.
Kipling college backpack
Kipling college-turqblue-inside

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  1. love the very first bag on your wishlist! the design is cute and the colors too!

  2. I love the second bag! The color reminded me of my COACH bag.


  3. Yeah indeed. So sad though that its out of stock now.. :(

  4. Yes I agree. Blues is my fave that is why all of them except for the second in blue color. ^_^


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