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3 Years With Twitter

Last December 19, 2011 I was tweeted with a greeting of my 3rd twitter birthday. I thought its one of those spam tweets for promotions so I didn't take it seriously back then.
However, just recently I discovered I got a screenshot of the web card attach to the greetings. It made me realized wow, its been 3 years since I've started using twitter. I am really not that active then, only in 2011 when I discovered its benefits and from then on im actively tweeting.

How does Twitter benefits me?
* Showbiz updates. Even though I'm not watching TV I can be updated of the latest showbiz chikka and happenings. More often than not, Twitter is even more advance than TV News and talk shows, I've proven this a lot of times.
* Get in touch with your idols. A lot of tv personalities and celebrities have twitter accounts. So if your a fan just follow them and get updates straight from them. And you can even tweet them greetings and ask them questions.
* Network and connect. I must say I love this part on twitter. I've been a Kpop addict since last year and with twitter I get to get updates and connect with Kpopers all over the world. And its amazing because you'll be overwhelmed of the response and support.
* Keep me inform. A lot of tv networks, magazines, local reporters, politicians, businesses and private citizens who post information about the community allows me to keep in touch with current events.
* Costumer Service. A lot of organizations and companies are using Twitter as a form of customer service. So its easier to ask assistance and even ask real time support directly from them.
* Traffic and Awareness. This is applicable to blogs, business, entertainment, community issues and event promotions. How? Twitter has #Hashtags which is used for targeted niche and topic. Using this hashtags would help in gathering and categorizing trending topics.
* Blog updates. Its not only traffic you'll get in Twitter but also a blog post idea. A lot of users are tweeting all over the world and if you keep track of the latest trending topic, made a story or give your own opinion then your blog is not empty nor left behind. ;)

Where is the Freedom of Expression in Social Media?

Just the other day I heard a news on Fox News about an employee got fired because of her Facebook status update about boss' salary. Then last Friday Willie Revillame rants on TV about suing people who express their opinions on Twitter regarding the Jan2x issue. And then just last some people rants hate tweets to Tim Yap for tweeting the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 winners in advance while the said event is airing in progress in ABS CBN. Some people said Tim Yap intentionally post the spoiler to spite the rival channel where Tim is currently working and some said for publicity. For me, I actually don't see any wrong on what Tim did because the fact that others who have seen the coronation night in Araneta also tweeted the results.
From @harold_geronimo
Around 82 people who were in Araneta tweeted the winners earlier. Blame it to ABS-CBN for delayed airing. Twitter is real-time.
And why is it during Manny Pacquioa's fight and others tweeted earlier for the results nobody rants about it as spoiler? hmmm.. thats odd.
We should remember that celebrities like Tim Yap are people who also has the freedom to express what they want to say on their own social media accounts as long as they don't abused it.
People has so much hate to express but not much love to give... Why not do the other way for a change? You will not just free yourself from stress but also contribute in world peace which exactly what we need right now. In addition, if you dont like what he/she is expressing then unfollow or unfriend them. Dont waste your time hating others for their status updates and opinions. Express what you want to express but stop hate attacks! There's a lot of other important things to worry about yo...
Ika nga ni @kbrosas
Ang daming problema sa mundo, mga trahedya, gera etc...dun ako affected...demanda dahil sa opinion?? Wait na lng natin kung mangyayari yon:)

Goodbye to Plurking!

I just deleted my plurk account today. It hurts a lot since plurk has been my outlet to whatever it is that I feel. Its just sad that other people just don't understand me and my plurks and reacted to whatever it is that I plurk. I hate it but I cant control them because its a public networking services. Anyways I could create a new account, just for me to have freedom to express myself. But not for now. One thing is for sure though I will now pick people to be in my time line. I shall missed plurking.