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Launchpad Magazine Open Read

Me and my calendar issues! I really need and effective calendar or schedule reminder. I missed attending the Launchpad Magazine Open Read opening last Friday at SM City CDO because I taught the event will be on Saturday. urgh! :(
So what did I missed? Here are some photos I grabbed from my photographer friend Tom Udasco and at Launchpad Magazine Facebook page.

[caption id="attachment_2144" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Launch Pad Magazine Open Read A special fashion show with Benjie S. Manuel designs featuring BSM Fragrances.[/caption]

Stylistas Go See 2013: My Model #1

July is the Jean's Month at SM City Cagayan de Oro. And to celebrate that Stylistas Go See 2013 model finalists will ramp in denims.

Last July 6 SM City had an audition for Stylistas Go See 2013. A lot of guys and gals particiated by presenting a P500 worth receipt from any SM tenants. After the registration the models walk on the stage and showcase there denim attire and modeling skills. Among them only 20 model aspirants where selected by the Judges.

SM City CDO Stylistas

Rurouni Kenshin For the Second Time

Rurouni Kenishin (Live Action) is way to perfect that everyone cannot just watch it just once. The movie is already a blockbuster on every country and the continuous request for extendedly screening is overflowing.  Thank God Philippines is one of the few countries who are given a chance to watch it the soonest this year and has been given extended showing. Since I know for a fact that there are some countries are still requesting for the movie to be shown on their Cinemas. ^_^
Here in the Philippines, the movie has already been extended twice at SM Cinemas nationwide. A lot others more are wanting to watch it and some others still cant get over with the movie like me. Today was said to be the last day of showing, so I tag along my cousin to watch it again for the last time for me and for the first time for her. :D
We first grab our dinner at Classic Savory SM before watching the movie. Thanks to cousin for the treat! Both my cousin and I are first timers to dine at Classic Savory. Since I already heard about the their specialty of the house which is grilled chicken we ordered a Combo meal for 2. The Combo meal, which can either be good for 1 or 2, is served with 2 drinks a half size grilled chicken, Toron, pancit and Salt & Pepper Squid. I love the Salt & Pepper Squid its to die for... The pancit also has a good taste. And the grilled chicken... well my cousin said it was good and I do agree too, the gravy also taste good but we really have not consume it cause you can eat the chicken without the gravy.
I got curious on the pictures of soups displayed on our table, so I ordered the corn soup which is sold at Php 35.00 as an add-on on your meals. Its my additional fave at Classic Savory I must say.

I originally plan to watch the movie at 3:15 PM schedule but my cousin has some things to do so we ended buying the last full show schedule which is at 9:00 PM. ^_^
And this is how I say goodbye to Rurouni Kenshin... Wish there will be a sequel of this movie and that the DVD copy will be available locally also. Arigato Gozaimasu to Warner Brothers for producing this movie! :)

Rurouni Kenshin

I just finished watching samurai today at SM City CDO. At first I have no interest in watching it even though im a fan of the anemi version of samurai x. Im not much a fan of to much brutality and blood shedding movie of which I know what the movie would be in its anime version. My reason is that Ive seen much violence in real world that I dont want to add up more by watching more of it on movie.
December 5, 2012 was the start of Rurouni Kenshin (live action) screening in SM City CDO where it exclusively shown. Before it started screening I actually ask my friends who will surely want to watch it and had anticipated for the movie. I just thought ill just tag along with them and yes im curious on the artist.
Today is its 3rd day of screening here in the Philippines and rumors says that todays going to be the last day of screening. After hearing this I suddenly felt the urge to watch it. However, each of my friends watch on their own, so that left me, myself and I who aint seen the movie yet. So even if im alone, off i go and watch the movie.

Unexpectedly, I had tolerated the fight scenes. Takeru Sato, who plays Kenshin Himura is so handsome that would make every woman including me swoon while watching his every moves. He was in character to Kenshin Himura both on the fight scenes and drama scenes. The fight scenes are epic and is the same in the anime version. I say everyone work hard and portray each of their characters perfectly as well as the cinematography. It was a great movie. No wonder everyone is anticipating for a sequel.

My favorite fight scenes...
  • When Kenshin rescue Kaoru and act as if just someone who is innocently swift off Kaoro and just by chance protect her at the same time from being hit by Jin-E sword. The running and jump stunt is what I like most on it.
  • Kenshin's fight scene with 10 samurai's of Kanryu who wants to own the Dojo.
  • Kenshin and Sanosuke fighting the 250 samurai's at Kanryu's Mansion. 
  • And of course Jin'e and Kenshin fight specifically Kenshin showing the High heaven style, Twin dragon strike. The result will make Jin'e elbow broken and tendons snapped of which he can use his arms to handle sword fight.
I dont really say the movie is a version of Samurai X anime. Its because the story in the Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action) is a mixed scenes from the anime. You can say more like a summary also because the same thought and enemies where also in the movie.

Random scenes of which Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action) differs from the anime series...
  • Doctor Gensai and his 2 grand daughters where not on the movie.
  • Supposed to be Kenshin and Sanosuke will fight head to head and then Kenshin will defeat him. In the movie Kenshin never really fight Sanosuke all he did was avoid every attack from Sanosuke.
  • After Kenshin and Sanosuke fight it should be that he will be living in Kamiya Dojo. In the movie he isn't, although at the ending he is already sleeping Kamiya Dojo. Hmm probably a hint on a sequel movie huh?!
The movie actually left me wondered will I ever find a man like him. Well, someone who is willing to protect me whatever that cost him... Not the manslayer Kenshin but Kenshin the Rurouni (wanderer). Lol Just some crazy wish for thinking of a loveless woman. ^_^
Anyways, I will definitely anticipate a sequel of this movie, although there is no clear hint of a part II on the movie. Maybe on the sequel Yokohiro is already great at his fighting skills and Sanosuke showing off his futakoi wani(Im not sure if its the right spelling) technique.

Etude House In CDO Finally!

I have already mention a few times here that im addicted to anything Korean right? Well, here's a good news to me and to my fellow kikay Kagay-nons...
I am just happy right now coz Etude House will be opening 2 branches here in Cagayan de Oro. I first saw the tarp the other day at SM City CDO when me and my son went strolling. I immediately took a photo of it and share it on my instagram.

The next day I learned that Etude House will also be opening a branch at the soon-to-open Centrio Mall. Wow! What a treat! Definitely happiness to the max... Firstly, I can finally buy there product straight from the shop and not just online. Second, I will no longer wait that long since on November 9, 2012 along with Centrio Mall opening Etude House will also open there shop. SM City CDO branch has no opening date yet. And third, well Centrio is just a few minutes away (not to mention 1 ride only) from our place.
Yay! Wanna be sweet? Play Etude! ;)

Its Christmas at SM CDO

November 12, 2011. Christmas is in the air at SM Cagayan de Oro. They officially kick off the celebration with the Christmas Centerpiece Light Up Ceremony with bossa nova princess Sitti as the guest. The event started with a Christmas musical followed with a Christmas carol from the Lourdes College Choir and then a Christmas message from SM.

They have also officially introduce Maria Aragon, the international YouTube sensation, as the SM Supermalls Voice of SM Christmas.

The lightning ceremony was serenaded with ChriSMs Jingle sung by a choral group.

After the light up of the SM centerpiece bossa nova princess Sitti serenade everyone with her hit sigles from her album.

Special thanks to SM City CDO for inviting CDO Bloggers to witness this grand light up ceremony. And also for the delicious cocktails serve with us.

My Day Ended Awesome!

When I arrived at Mbox Internet Cafe this afternoon I got a sudden change of mood and since I cant concentrate on work with such mood so I decide to go out and cool down myself. I am on a jeepney going Limketkai Mall when I realized why not go to SM City since I just read on plurk that there will be a Cosplay Tour Prelimenary and there is surely ice cream there (the main reason why I want to go to Limketkai Mall). While riding on a taxi off to SM City I was given myself a time to breath and cool down myself. I just don't know why but there are really times like this when I just felt sudden sadness and emptiness within me.
So when I arrived at SM City CDO I felt a little better already. The mall was full of people because its the 2nd day of there 3 day sale.

I just stroll around until I arrived at the second floor. The Event Center was crowded because of the Cosplay Tour Prelimenary.

I didn't miss the chance to take a photo of my fave anime Kakashi!

After taking pictures I went to worlds of fun and played basketball shooting. I really enjoyed this activity and will do this more often from now on...

Sweaty and happy me after playing...

Later at 7 PM along with friends Jane, Kuya Acckky, Ate Sharon and Kuya John we went to our friend Irene's newly opened business Katunggan Food Park in Opol.

Photo grab from Janlac:

SM City Cagayan Wifi launching

Yesterday the CDOBloggers were invited to the SM City Cagayan Wifi launching. The Wifi which is powered by Philcom can be access in the entire mall. At the launching there where computers provided by STI College that can be used freely by bloggers and visitors. There was performances of local talents and lots of prizes given to participating bloggers who have registered. There was also a live blogging contest about "Uptown Malling Experiences at SM City Cagayan" where my fellow bloggers joined. I myself joined the contest too even if I am not used in blogging on the spot. I cant concentrate in writing because there are people watching me writing and the sound system is so loud that I cant concentrate. Good thing I finished my post on time and submitted it. (Na-iraos din ang post! lols)
The announcement of the winning blog is said to be announced on Wednesday at the SM City Cagayan Blog.

Photo credits to Awatiro and Chiq Montes.