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The Alcatel Onetouch Soleil of Sun Cellular Plan 350

Look what I got from strolling at Centrio Mall... A new Alcatel Onetouch Soleil from Sun Cellular!

alcatel one touch soleil

Its been months since I planned to get a postpaid account for mobile and now I finally am subscribed to Sun Cellular Plan 350. Its actually a good deal already coz aside from having a new phone for free I also get to have sun to sun unlimited call text and 250 text to all networks every month. Even though I'm not much of a texter this plan is perfectly suited for me. It has always been a hassle to me when you run out of load in times that you needed it the most and I have to disturb friends, cousin and neighbor to load for me. Now I dont have to worry for that anymore! As well as that frustrating feeling when promos you subscribe in is already expired without even making use of it to its fullest. (sucks!)

Sun Cellular CDO Bloggers Get Together

CDOBloggers had a get together party with Sun Cellular last night at the Seafood Island, Centrio Mall. Everyone had fun on the Q & A portion specially that the prize was a Sun Cellular Plug-it.
The highlight of the evening was the food... Tadaaa! Boodle feast! :D 
 I actually recommended the place when Carrisa Flores from Sun Cellular asked help for the venue. It was a perfect choice... (I guess) Most of us was a first time diner at Seafood Island so before anyone can touch the food, everyone do the bloggers oath first which is the picture2x!
Right after dinner bloggers are now busy with chikas and on their gadgets. Tweeting, Facebook and the latest CDObies craze - Phewtic. I had a chance to chat with James Lim, Sun Cellular Senior Manager for Digital Marketing, about CDObloggers Org and also on Sun Cellular promos and updates.
With Carrisa Flores and James Lim of Sun Cellular
All in all it was fun night, full of talks and laughter. Thank you so much Sun Cellular for treating the bloggers and for giving us an excuse to go out on a Monday night and enjoy with each other. Thank you also for the freebies! I Got My Personalize Sun Cellular Mobile Number!

And yes lets not forget my outfit on that night...

I choose a yellow top to match Sun Cellular's color which is yellow. That was my first time to wear this feathered black skirt, since I bought it around December last year. ^_^ I added a Firmoo eyeglasses to have a nerdy look. I love how my look turns out!
After the party CDOBloggers still cant get enough and had some camera tripping on some huge posters around Centrio Mall, wherein we copy how the model/artist pose. And I did not missed the chance to have a copy-cut pose also. ^_^  

Got My Personalize Sun Cellular Mobile Number!

I just activated my personalize Sun mobile number. I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to get my online nickname... Here's the number ive tried to register.

0942 EMOTERA - Sun Cellular can only lets you personalize the 6 digits of the number. So this is X.
0942 8 SMILEY - Taken
0942 8 PRETTY - Taken
0942 8 FIERCE - Taken
0942 8 BEAUTY - Suggested by a friend in Facebook but its taken also.

Unlucky me everything that I want is taken already, so I just opted for another more personalized one. This time thank God its available! And my number is.......
Drumroll....... 0942 800 ****
I will leave you guys to guess what that is! ^_^