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Monday Wishlist: Bagable

I discovered this website who sells different types of bags, the name is Bagable. As I browse into the site I've had a several bags that I want to own and so I created this wishlist post. :)

Here are my top picks:

Fossil Key-per Flap Satchel Bag (ROSE) - I dont have a bag like this yet so im excited to own one. :)
Keyper flap Satchel bag

School Bags in Wholesale

Went to Cogon Market with a friend to canvass for school bags and school supplies for donations. This school bags and school supplies will be donated to the victims of typhoon Sendong here in our City financed by a Filipino-Japanese community. We choose to look at the Taiwanese Stores in Cogon Market coz we can find a lot of cheaper alternative's that can be much more cheaper when bought in wholesale.
We hop from one store to another until we finally found one store that offers all the supplies that we need from bags to school supplies at a cheap wholesale price. The whole list of the school supplies was at my friend and so far the school bags are what I remembered. I shall get them and update it here.
This character bags retailed at Php 100 and the wholesale (per dozen) price is Php 85.00.
 Another character bags which is a lot more bigger is retailed at Php 120.00 and the wholesale (per dozen) price is Php 95.00.
We explored more stores after that one store and that's when we saw this Filipino-made school bags. Its much expensive but the sales lady said the owner is a Filipina so there's a big possibility she may give us bigger discount since we'll going to purchase more than a dozens of school bags.
This retailed at Php 198.00 and has the wholesale of Php 120.00. What we like about this bags is that it is made of sturdy cloth that is well-sewed. The bags has also a unisex design so its an ideal for donations coz we don't know if the recipient would be a girl or a boy.
They also have a cheaper alternative which is offered in Php 95.00 wholesale. I forgot that retail price on this one since I was not listening because I was busy trying on the cute and cheap sandals and wedges displayed below this bags. :D This isn't the same as the above this one has is in canvass.

All in One Fashionable Bag

I got a new bag when we drop by Mhai's place a 2 weeks ago... Its a big brown bag from Chloe. I used to despised big bags before because I feel its bulky and annoying to carry around. Ironic to that, I now prefer bringing big bags coz I can put everything in it leaving my hands free from bringing excess baggage. It goes to show some taste and attitudes changes as we grow, or should I say we get wiser as we get old. ;)

I call it an all in one bag because I can use it even when I want to carry around my laptop. My laptop fits well on it and theres even room for more other things.