Got My Personalize Sun Cellular Mobile Number!

I just activated my personalize Sun mobile number. I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to get my online nickname... Here's the number ive tried to register.

0942 EMOTERA - Sun Cellular can only lets you personalize the 6 digits of the number. So this is X.
0942 8 SMILEY - Taken
0942 8 PRETTY - Taken
0942 8 FIERCE - Taken
0942 8 BEAUTY - Suggested by a friend in Facebook but its taken also.

Unlucky me everything that I want is taken already, so I just opted for another more personalized one. This time thank God its available! And my number is.......
Drumroll....... 0942 800 ****
I will leave you guys to guess what that is! ^_^