The Dangers of Digital Camera Flash to High Voltage Electrical Lines

Let me tell you something I just read a while ago. Its a story shared on Facebook about a boy suffered from electricity burns and eventually died after one & half days. The reason of the burn is that while taking pictures using his digital camera he captured an angle which has 40,000 volts electrical line passing and was transported to him through the digital camera's flash. Read more of the story below...

Read the whole article here: Believe and Dont Say "Chalta Hai Yaar"

I was thankful to read and came across this article. I've been addicted to taking picture anywhere and everywhere, unknowingly of the dangers I may get. Thanks also that the user also shares useful tips which I admittedly guilty of practicing. To my readers please do read and take care.
  • Please avoid mobile phones on petrol outlets.
  • Please avoid talking on mobile phones while driving.
  • Change that "Chalta Hai Yaar Attitude" (Chalta hai yaar is comparable to "Bahala na!" in Filipino also means just ignore or not giving attention to it in English)
  • Please avoid talking on mobile phones while kept in charging mode without disconnecting from wall socket.
  • Please do not keep mobile phones on your bed while charging and / on wooden furniture.
  • Avoid using mobile phones / Digital cameras near high voltage electrical lines like in railway stations and avoid using flash.
True or not this was a safety issue that we should be concern. It could be a coincident as someone above had suggested but it always better to err on the side safety. Just like using cell phone while pumping gasoline to your car,it was shown that this was a very bad idea and could lead to serious accident.