Region X Tourism Director's Locally Made Tokens

CDOBloggers group had a courtesy call to Regional Director Catalino Chan III at Department of Tourism office last February 21, 2012. This is part of the preparation of eXtreme Mindanao that the group will be organizing this coming May.
The moment we arrive at Director Chan's office I was already entertained at the decors displayed around the room. Some of it are local made products and some are noticibly from foreign countries. As we progress on our discussion about CDOBloggers organization, eXtreme Mindanao event and Mindanao's tourism status mommy Dharlz couldnt help but about the locally dress doll token behind me. Director Chan enthusiastically explained to us that it was indeed locally made and was given as a token at one of Mindanao's tourism caravan last year which was held at mall of asia.

 He also showed us some of other locally made tokens he got when he travela and attend tourism events and comferences in both national and international affairs.
This one Director Chan's holding is from Palawan.

This Abanika is locally made in Bukidnon of which he brought in a conference in Japan as his tokens to other delegates in representation of Mindanao.

This flower made from corns skin is displayed in the table in front of me. Its so nice that you wouldn't even notices its made from corns skin.