Second Hairstyle of the Year: Dramatic Ash Gray

Hey everyone! How is weekend? 
If you follow me on my social media ( Instagram, Twitter, Facebook... Do follow me if you aren't! ^_^ ), you probably knew that I got a new do. This time I got a dramatic ash gray....
Unlike before, this time around I've pick some salons that Ive been meaning to try out and inquired if they can do the blue ombre hair and how much it would cost. The first salon Ive inquired said that they have a blue hair color but it's temporary only. I'm actually okay with it but the service is so expensive for a temporary ombre blue hair. Sad! :(
Since I really wanted to have a new hairstyle... I opted to avail DPS Salon and Spa hair services. I frequently have my nail spa here but its my first time to try their hair services. I've read and heard great reviews from friends who have tried on their hair services and so I trusted it'll be all good.
I initially plan to have an ombre blue hair but DPS salon doesn't have that hair color. They told me blue hair color is rarely available in salons because there's not much people who availed for it.
With not much luck on the hair color, I did got lucky to have availed DPS Salon promo that time. So for PHP795.00 (17.5 USD) I got the following services: hair color + haircut + hair spa.
What a steal! :D
The hairstylist recommended the hair color to try out. And I must say he did a great job. I received a lot of good compliments on my hair. In fact, my friend love it so much and got so jealous, that the day after she saw my hair, we both went to the salon so that she can also have the same hair color as mine. hahaha :D
Took a photo of my hair with flash (photos with green wall background) and on a natural daylight.
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Since I didn't get to achieve to get the blue ombre hairstyle. I am thinking of trying out this take in Hair Extension. Somewhat the same as you in the photo. 
What do you think? Will it look good?