SammyDress Haul

Happy Monday! 
How was weekend? I hope you had a great time. As for me, I just spent it at home resting err.. getting cozy in my bed mostly. Well, the cold and rainy weather gave me an excuse to do so... :D
Last week, Mr. Postman delivered my package at home. You know I get so pleased when they does this because most of the time I am the one who's marching at the Postal Office and gets to be forwarded to every parcel windows just to find my package. 
How I wish our Postal Office system will improve and digitally upgraded their system so that mails and package will be organized and easily dispatched to the recipient. 
Although it takes a while for the package to arrive, I don't mind it anymore. Or should I say I got use to it  already because of most of my package usually takes atleast a month to arrive (except for expedited shipping ofcourse). I think it has to do with our countries custom clearance because its ridiculous for either plane or boat to takes weeks to arrive. To think custom charges are so big per parcel when you claim it. (>.<)
Anyways, so what's inside?
It's dresses from my latest online shopping spree at I am so please with the dresses I have ordered they are in good quality. 
The first one is this cami dress which is the newest fave in my closet. I ordered it in medium size and it fits perfectly. The embroidery details of this dress is so pretty. And the cloth  material is cotton blend.
The second dress is a short sleeves printed dress. It's available in one size and it fits great to me as well. The cloth material is polyester. With its cheap price, I didn't expect much but it's still a pretty dress.

Ethnic Style Waisted Embroidery Cami Dress For Women $25.81

Stylish Scoop Short Sleeves Dress $6.00
Stylish Scoop Short Sleeves Dress $6.00

For their costumer service, it may take days for them to respond but they do respond politely.
 I will definitely order again because my experience is all great and smooth. They  have great selection of clothings, accessories and shoes that are very affordable.
I recommend and I can say this online shop is legit.
Do check out the shoes Ive purchase from previously.
Watch out for my OOTD post with this dresses in the coming weeks. ;)

Any style tips for this dresses? Have you tried shopping online at as well?