What I Wore | Aztec & Side-Slit Skirt

You guess it right! Yet another outfit post from last year.. ;)

 I have so many outfit shots from last year that I haven't shared on this blog so Im obviously catching up. It feel so good to finally share this OOTD.

This aztec muscle tee probably started my love for muscle tees. I just love the aztec print on the top which is why I picked this and it turns out to be a muscle tee.
I have been eyeing this side-slit maxi skirt at  People R People for months before I gave in and bought it. I even tried this on a couple of times whenever I visited the store to convince myself. Lame! I was praying that it'll go on sale but tough luck it didnt happen. Guess its meant for me though because every time I visited the store its still there hanging, waving at me, saying "buy me!". 

Just notice my hair color is fading... It kinda look like in ombre style. Im thinking of getting a new hair color though. What color do you think suits me? 

Aztec Muscle Tee - Romwe.com | Side-Slit Maxi Skirt -  People R People | Boots - Trifted Shop | Bag - Ororama Supercenter | Watch - SM Accesories