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Kikay Monday: Korean Food + Ice Cream

Mondate with friends... Since each of us are busy during weekends my friends and I decided to see each other every Monday to go out, window shopping, eat, drink coffee and whatever "kakikayan" that we can think of. Its our way of catching up and de-stress.

Since the weather is a bit gloomy and I'm not in the mood for dressing up I just grab whatever I can see in the closet. I mention gloomy weather and I'm wearing sunglasses... Sorry, I’m not sorry! That's to cover my eyes who haven't rested (no sleep) since last night and the weather is actually gloomy-sunny-gloomy.  (>.<)

So lately my jeans are no longer crying in my closet coz I'm starting to use them. I still feel a bit awkward wearing jeans though.

We we're supposed to go to a friends dentist first before having lunch but for some reason the secretary at the clinic messed up informing my friend that Doctor is out. And so we headed to Limketkai Mall to feed our stomach early... Since I've been craving for Korean food we ate lunch at Kogi Bulgogi.

My friends and I shared common interest... we love dressing up and taking pictures! We all love to take picture every outfits we wear... Errr no wait... I love to take outfit shots, Risa loves to pose at the place and Dee loves selfie. And we all love to document moments we're together.
So here's my friend Risa posing as if the waitress... ^_^
Meet Dee. She hates pink much that is why almost everything she wears are all in pink... haha
One of the weirdest things we did that day is that after lunch we invade Rustan's Fresh at Centrio Mall for an ice cream treat. And yes! Even the rain didn't stop us from enjoying our ice creams.
See how big I and Dee's ice cream... we both hate ice cream! LOL :D 
It's my first time to try the Waitrose Seriously Creamy Ice Cream and it taste good. I can really taste the coffee on my Colombian Coffee flavored ice cream.

After ice cream we all headed home to start our week... Ironic but all of us are working freelance online so we usually start work when everyone's half way done with theirs... I call that the luxury of owning a flexible work hours. ^_^
How about you what are the weirdest things you do with your friends to de-stress?