My Foot Sock Says Never Quit!

Just recently, I started my boots collections and because of this wearing socks is a must to protect my toes. Later last year, I plan to buy some more socks but last Christmas my cousin gave me 6 pairs of black ankle socks. Got so happy because I will no longer have to buy new socks.
And then just recently I receive another good news or rather gift... Mark Bautista just recently launch his inspirational socks called Footnotes Socks. And was lucky enough to get 1 pair of ankle socks for review.
This socks is extra special because it has inspirational message design in it. To further explain story behind this socks read below...
My mom use to told me that also, everytime I participate in school presentation and even major exams she always reminds to put a coin underneath my socks to help ease the nervous and she would say it'll bring me luck. :)
The Footnote sock that I got is blue, I choose this color coz its my fave. Luckily the inspirational message on my sock is really what I needed the most... Never Quit! Besides the design I also like the cloth because its thick, soft and very comfy.
The Footnote socks is available in 2 types the ankle socks and knee socks. It is also available in diffrent colors. And if you purchase 7pair of socks at Php 1499, you get this limited-edition box which will help organize/plan your socks for the whole week (Mon-Sun). In addition, for every purchase of this socks Php10.00 will goes out to the M.A.C. Foundation.

The socks are also available online. Visit its website at
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Here are the inspired CDObies with our Footnote Socks... in our hands... yet for this time. :D Thank you Mark Bautista!