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Nine West Shoes Wishlist

Was browsing online for some fashion inspirations and landed into a page of shoes from Nine West. Since Christmas is fast approaching thought of writing my wishlist for Nine West shoes. Who knows I’ll receive one of this shoes from Santa…

Aside from boots, I love strappy flats that’s why I own a few of this babies. I am attracted to strappy heels but I don’t own any of this yet so im really digging to atleast own one or two sooner. Hopefully any of this Nine West babies.

Bet this two are perfect for events and parties.

Leather Heels with Ankle Cuff
Laced Heels
And this two pairs of flats are for stylish casual wear. I just love slip-on flats and zip fastening at back heel because it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. The reason most of my flats are in this style.
Thin Strapped Sandals
Studded Sandals
So why Nine West? Because I love their designs. Most of their shoes are on trend and stylish perfect fit for any casual and formal wear. I’ve also read a lot of good reviews on the quality and how affordable they are, close to a designer pair of shoes. To add further more interest… Are you a Gossip Girl fan? I have also known that Gossip Girl uses a lot of Nine West accessories, be it shoes or bags.

Okay, so Im already advertising Nine West to much… I just hope my ‘style fairy goddess’ will guide Nine West to read this post of mine and grant one or all of my shoe wishlist. By the way, Im not paid to promote their brand… Im just wishing hard to be their brand ambassadress that is.

In case you’re interested on the shoes I have shared, I found a discount coupons at iPrice Shop that you can use in purchasing on online shopping site like Zalora.

My Foot Sock Says Never Quit!

Just recently, I started my boots collections and because of this wearing socks is a must to protect my toes. Later last year, I plan to buy some more socks but last Christmas my cousin gave me 6 pairs of black ankle socks. Got so happy because I will no longer have to buy new socks.
And then just recently I receive another good news or rather gift... Mark Bautista just recently launch his inspirational socks called Footnotes Socks. And was lucky enough to get 1 pair of ankle socks for review.
This socks is extra special because it has inspirational message design in it. To further explain story behind this socks read below...
My mom use to told me that also, everytime I participate in school presentation and even major exams she always reminds to put a coin underneath my socks to help ease the nervous and she would say it'll bring me luck. :)
The Footnote sock that I got is blue, I choose this color coz its my fave. Luckily the inspirational message on my sock is really what I needed the most... Never Quit! Besides the design I also like the cloth because its thick, soft and very comfy.
The Footnote socks is available in 2 types the ankle socks and knee socks. It is also available in diffrent colors. And if you purchase 7pair of socks at Php 1499, you get this limited-edition box which will help organize/plan your socks for the whole week (Mon-Sun). In addition, for every purchase of this socks Php10.00 will goes out to the M.A.C. Foundation.

The socks are also available online. Visit its website at
You can also follow updates instagram and Facebook.

Here are the inspired CDObies with our Footnote Socks... in our hands... yet for this time. :D Thank you Mark Bautista!

My Fave Footwear's

I dont have much footwear's to boost but I do have several pairs that for me is a fab and very useful. Im more of a on the go person. Working at home tolerates my lazy attitude, yes laziness like just seat on the chair while my face stuck at my lappy's screen the whole day and not going out on weekends. I don't go out much, and if ever I go out I make it a point to schedule everything on the same day so that the next day I won't go out again. Yeah I know right! You don't have to emphasize how boring my life is...

Anyways, back to the topic... Here are some of my fave footwears which styles I really love and comfortable in wearing most of the days.

Adventure Buddy This pair has been my adventure buddy from Camiguin Escapade, CDObloggers Mapawa Trekking and First Water Rafting Adventure...

Everyday Buddy. Mostly I wear this pairs  with shorts, mini skirts, t-shirts or casual whole dress. I bought this pair out of pity from a neighbor who is a reseller of MSE products. Her costumer returns this because it doesn't look good on her feet... Yeah just like that! So to help her out I bought it and it turns out a fab pair. I wear this most of the time now since it's flat which good for mall strolling with Justine and running errands. :D

This is the latest addition... I just bought this a week ago at Chili Girl Boutique. So I can have a second everyday body.  

Kikay Buddy. I also love wearing kikay and sexy dresses this pairs are perfect to go with... More likely I wear them on formal events, meetings or days wherein feel ko lang magpaka-sosyalan epek at rumampa na parang fashionista! hehehe...
The high-heels  and gladiator sandal are both ordered from Natasha.

This one is cheap bought at Maykel's (May kilid-kilid! Nahahaha...) Kidding aside it was actually bought at local department store.