Res|Toe|Run Centrio Mall Opening

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Res|Toe|Run invited some fashion/lifestyle bloggers during there opening at the Centrio Mall. When I heard about the invites first, I thought its a restaurant... :D In a way, it is indeed restaurant-food inspired store for shoeaholics’ Kagay-anons like me.

This store surely satisfy every family members appetite for shoes. They have growing menu of footwear selections.
RES - comfortable casual footwear line.
TOE - composed of slippers and sandals that stylishly adore and tickle one’s toes.
RUN - athletic-inspired shoes for active individuals.

Here's the great thing I have discovered, they sell Salvatos and Flipsters. The famous foldable fliplops perfect for traveling. This can also be handy on every girls bag, incase your tired of your heels you can just grab it on your bag and solve the problem. :D

While checking around I spotted 2 items Im eyeing to have...

I want to thank Andrew Dale Camandang, Marketing Communication Officer of Res|Toe|Run for inviting us CDObloggers (Bang, Jacques, Emma) at there opening.
Taking a pic of me with Bang who is very busy taking photos. :D
I really like the decoration and overall look of the store. Its very unique and different from the shoe shops we usually see. And for that, I didn't missed a pic of myself inside the store. ^_^

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