That Trip To Manila

Off to Manila with my cousin and her boyfriend.
It was supposed to be my vacation escape of the year but it turn out not that way. To the last minute my cousin change schedule so instead of staying in Manila for 2 days we just had 1 day to stroll around. With that the itinerary that I've planned didn't happened also. Here it is:
Day 1
Zoobic Safari (PHP 495)
Activities: features a wide range of habitats like; Tiger Safari, Croco Loco, Savannah, Rodent World, Serpentarium, Aetas Trail, Petting Show and Animal Moozeum.
Marine Park(Php 500) Featuring whale and sea lion shows.
Day 2
Ocean Park Snow Village and then shop at Mall of Asia
When we arrived we rest and had lunch at the hotel. And then off to Mall of Asia for a stroll and dinner. Bought a cellphone for uncle at Nokia Store.
Had my first taste of New Orleans cuisine. Dinner at Gumbo.
Shop for make up at Etude House Mall of Asia.
I was determined to fulfill even just Day 1 of my plan but the travel time will eat out the hours because instead of the 1:45 hours planned it was said that it takes 3 hours to travel Subic. And we still need to take her boyfriend to the airport for his international flight in the morning of Day 1. Instead our day was just spent in Baclaran. We visited the church first, offer our prayer and off to the market and shop. I still haven't give up yet and I suggested ocean park coz I really wanted to witness the Snow Village and will going to stroll at Newport Mall in the evening and grab dinner there but my cousin isn't feeling well. She doze off the whole afternoon. On the evening we went back to Mall of Asia for dinner. we dine at Bulgogi Brothers, a Korean restaurant. The menu is expensive but its all worth with the great costumer service and great tasting food. :)

The next day our flight was scheduled at 2 PM, so we still have time to buy Krispy Kreme or JCo Donuts for pasalubong, but I just doze myself off the whole morning. I even had to drag myself off to bed to prepare to leave and say my goodbye to Manila.
We had a super delayed flight that time also. Boarding time was supposed to 2:25 PM but instead we board the the plane around 3PM and then we stayed at the plane for almost 2 hours because there was a traffic congestion on the planes. We arrived CDO already very late around 6PM. Hmmmm So Manila is holding me back huh! :D