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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have been planning for a fashion blog. However, since there's not much time for regular updates and don't have much ideas when it comes to fashion industry along with kikay tips I have decided to squeeze in a fashion blog here in my personal blog. I'm not really into the expensive brands when it comes to my things. Mostly I wear what makes me feel comfortable and confident. So basically I will just be blogging my fab outfits and then some details like where I bought it. Enjoy! ;)

Me going out, not for a Saturday night out but for CDOBloggers core group meeting at Missy Bon Bon.
Yellow Top, Skirt and footwear from Chili Girl Boutique, Limketkai Mall

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  1. Start a fashion blog! Go go go! =)

  2. Hi Mindanaoan! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah I will soon, still thinking of some new ideas for it. And wala pa din masyado time for updates.


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