Mama's First Night Cafe

Yes, its true! I'm not kidding its my mama's first Night Cafe last night. My mama is the type of person who doesn't go out for fun. If she ever want to go out that would be strolling along Cogon and grocery at Palana, Kevin, Julmar... I am glad that Mama is now slowly exposing herself to things that I enjoyed doing- Lakwatya kahit saan. Whenever I invited her to go mall stroll she now come along without hesitation. Just like last night I was craving for donut and invited Mama to go out and try night cafe. She was hesitant at first but then later on I was shocked when she was closing the store and told Justine to dress up. And so off we go to nigh cafe, stroll and look around some nice things to buy until we saw an affordable ukay-ukay which sells good-as-new shirts and blouses. Mom and I enjoyed hunting for some long shirts na "pambahay". And while waiting for us Justine got himself a spot where he sat down with a sleepy face.

After buying ukay-ukay we went to Dunkin Donut and bought a dozen donuts. It's Dunkin Donut Anniversary so we had an additional 6 free choco stick donuts.

All in all we had 20 donuts but Justine finished almost all of the donuts this morning. Good thing Mama and I have eaten some donuts last night and was able to grab 1 each this morning. lols :P