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#WonderfulMindaNOW: Cagayan De Oro Recommended Places

I mentioned in my previous post that I will be exploring Cagayan De Oro for #WonderfulMindaNOW campaign right? Well, I really had fun going out and about in the city that I'm thinking of doing this more often. Will be featuring more of this local go to places in Cagayan de Oro in my CDO guide blog, but ofcourse will also update outfits and personal thoughts here. ;)
So without further adieu here's the top 10 go to places I can recommend.

1. Oh My Pastry & Cafe

Looking for the best silvanas and homemade pastries in CDO? Checkout Oh My Pastry at Yacapin - Velez!

The delicious Silvanas and Sans rival from Oh My Pastry!

Cozy and relaxing spot! Selfie and Instagram worthy... ;)

2. Lifestyle District

Lifestyle District the all-in-one hangout, relaxation, dining and entertainment destination in CDO!

3. PopRock Bakeshop & Cafe

Where you can find the tastiest Banoffe. A must try dessert! Pop Rock also serve affordable meals.

PopRock Bakeshop & Cafes Banoffee...

4. Sonrisa Vista Resort

Sonrisa Vista Resort the newest and coolest resort in the city. Its a work in progress but the place already offers a lot of entertaining things to do.

Indian Village at Sonrisa! Enjoy Indian experience with their tipi's.

5. Dave's Beanery Cafe

Dave's Beanery offers serenity from the hustle and bustle of the city. A great place to just chill!

Specialty main dish is Beef Mania. Panini with fries is a must try too!

6. Stargate Dream Vacation Resort

Nice view of the Cagayan River at Stargate Resort swimming pool.

7. Inilog Grill

Inilog Grill is where Kagay-anon's chill, listen to live music and have fun at night. Inilog Grill serves Pinoy foods. They have live acoustic music, free use of dart boards and has sports TV.

Fresh Hito, available in the following recipe: deep-fried, adobo, grilled and ginataan.

8. Vicente De Lara Park.

One of the oldest park in #CDO. The park is located in front of the Provincial Capitol building where the government of Misamis Oriental seat. It also serves as ideal place to jog in the morning and to stroll in the evening as it has pleasant atmosphere and romantic view.

9. Missy Bon Bon Breadshop

Famous bread shop in #CDO... Missy Bon Bon! They offer breads, cakes, sandwiches, pasta, all-day filipino breakfast, all-day pancakes & toast and gelatos.

Bread selections

Gelato selections...

10. Guru Climbing Gym

If your looking for a sports activity in #CDO try wall climbing at Guru! They have exciting walls for you to climb that will surely satisfy your adventurous sid

Have you been to this places in Cagayan de Oro? What are you and your friends favorite places to recommend? Share it at the comment section below. :)

Exploring Cagayan De Oro For #WonderfulMindaNOW

Cagayan De Oro Map

Just received a challenge to share the many interesting things that can be found in my beloved city, Cagayan de Oro. Since I have not been out and about for quite a long time, found this opportunity or great excuse to just out and about in Cagayan de Oro. Will be exploring the top 10 coolest spots in the city. This could be the following:

  • Hole-in-the-wall Cafes and Restaurants

  • Local music Acts

  • Best Street Fashion

  • Picturesque scenes in the city

  • Great escape and secrets

The challenge will take place in my Social media accounts so do follow and check my Twitter: @venussmileygal, Instagram: @venussmileygal and Facebook: Emotera Goddess. You can also keep track what other fellow Mindanaoan bloggers are sharing by following #WonderfulMindaNOW.

Exciting isn't it? This is why I'm pretty excited for this campaign! And I am gearing up by subscribing to Globe's GoUNLI20PLUS post photos and status updates on my social media accounts anytime, anywhere.

If you're a Kagay-anon join me on this challenge and lets explore the coolest places in Cagayan de Oro. You can also recommend to me from thing to do, restaurants, gig spots, to the best selfie places and many more! Feel free to tag me, or send comments and messages on any of my social media accounts. Will be looking forward to hear from you all!

Traveling with #HavaianasHotAirBalloonCDO

Question: If the Havaianas Hot Air Balloon can take you anywhere you can possibly imagine. Where Would You Want To Go?

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching (3)

Holy Week 2013: Maundy Thursday Part 1

A few weeks ago, I was looking for something adventurous to do on my Holy Week 2013 vacation. At first I was thinking of going to Camiguin Island for Panaad 2013 but it was canceled on the last minute. So instead I tag along with my aunt, uncle, cousins, cousin's friends and Justine we went to Malitbog, Bukidnon. This was the first time for me and my cousin's friends.

Malitbog Bukidnon

During our roadtrip we were noisy and are eager to see the scenery. The green mountains and forest that we passed by feasted in our eyes.