I Need An Escape

Here's a throwback photos back when my bestie invited me to go swimming at Apple Tree Resort. 
Philippines only has 2 season - wet and dry but because of the persistent humidity and high temperature, it seems as though summer lasts all year round. As usual during this time of the year (March-May) its much more hotter because its summer here in the Philippines. 

This is definitely the perfect time to start plan the dream summer getaway in the beach. I am not a beach person but once in awhile I like a beach getaway. Because there's nothing quite like the feeling of the summer breeze blowing against your skin as you stand on the beach. The warm sun beats down on you, but the cool breeze provides a welcome relief from the heat. It carries with it the salty scent of the sea, invigorating your senses and calming your mind. As you take a deep breath, you can feel the stress of everyday life melting away. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore is soothing and therapeutic, and you can't help but feel a sense of peace wash over you. Ahhh that feeling... 

But... as much as I want a beach getaway now my adulting responsibilities tells me dream on it for now. 😅

Anyways, the swimsuit I wore in this photos is given by my bestie. She bought this online. When it comes to swimsuit my bestie is my go to person, she's a pro in shopping for a chic and stylish swim wears. If you're interested in this swimsuit I have link them below along with other cheaper designs of one-piece swimsuits.

Links to buy the one-piece swimsuit: 
Alternative one-piece designs: