Time Travel & Shadowhunters

Done watching Rubinot and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones…

My internet a bit slow so thought of writing a new blogpost. However, after minutes of just staring at the dashboard and no words written… I stopped. I have so many pending post to share yet cant find the words to say, as usual. Earlier was happy because just this week ive written 3 post in 3 days and now Ive break it.

Anyways, to keep out boredom I watched movie instead online. Thats when I found Rubinot. Was curious on its title and incomplete summary…

Rubinot is a fantasy German movie about time traveling. Dont worry its in English though.
The movie was good but left me with so many question in the end. I do hope that in the part 2 they can answer those because I just thought the movie end in a nonsense way.

Next movie I watched is the City of Bones. I saw the trailer of this last year…. Arrhhggg!! I regret not watching this on the big screen. This movie is so great that im wishing for a part 2.
The movie is all about shadow hunters — a half-human, half-angel mortals. They chase demons. In the movie vampires, witches and werewolf also present.

I just love movies about vampires, witches, shadowhunters and the likes. Cant get over and still would like to watch for more movies in this genre. Can you recommend me any great movies or TV series in this genre? And whats your favorite movie?

Drop it in the comment section below. Thank you in advance.

P.S. After watching the movie I wrote this post but then my blog had some trouble that I cant login. So I had to wrote this on my mobile’s notepad to post when my blog’s dashboard is back.