Tonkatsu Night

Tonkatsu CDO (8)
Tonkatsu CDO (2)
Got invited to taste the food of the newest restaurant at Centrio Mall - Tonkatsu by Terazawa. It was a rainy Tuesday evening but that didn't stop me to taste the classic favorite in Japanese homes which is the tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu, is a Japanese food which consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. There are two main types, hire (pork fillet) and rosu (pork loin). It is often served with shredded cabbage.

The dish, Tonkatsu, is showcased, as created by Japanese restaurateur and chef Akinori Terazawa. Chef Terazawa uses the traditional Japanese method of preparing this dish, incorporating aging the meat by wrapping it in white cloth for 3 days. And said that this procedure produces meat that is irresistibly flavorful and juicy.

Kurobuta, dubbed the angus of pork, is meat from the original strains of Berkshire hogs from Japan.

Iberico. Popularly known as "Pata Negra," these Iberian pigs are a special breed found in the south and southwest areas of Spain.

Condiments: Tonkatsu sauce, salad dressing, toragashi, sesame seeds.

Chasoba Salad
Chasoba Salad. My personal favorite I just love its taste. It has vegetables, egg, ham, tomatoes, cucumber, pasta and Japanese mayonnaise .

Fried chicken wings
Fried chicken wings.

Pork Karaage
Pork Karaage.

All sets are served with refillable shredded cabbage, tonjiru (miso soup with pork), and your choice of Japanese rice or brown rice. It's my first time to taste shredded cabbage with salad dressing and I love it. It can already fill-in the rice but the delicious Japanese rice is irresistible also. Yes, Im such a rice lover! ^_^

Kurobuta Katsu
Kurobuta Katsu.

Iberico katsu
Iberico katsu.

Hire katsu
Hire katsu. The pork meat is locally bought. Its also good to know that among the cities in the Philippines Cagayan de Oro has the tastiest pork meat that really is perfect for tonkatsu.

Seafood Katsu
Seafood Katsu with imperial prawn, oyster and hire.

Frozen Green Tea
Frozen Green Tea. Undeniably my fave as well! This dessert is a 4-layered dessert of egg meringue, green tea ice cream, custard cream and graham crust.

CDO Bloggers
My dinner dates; Irene of, Ding of and Bang of Also in the photo are the staffs and managers of Tonkatsu by Terazawa.

Have you been to Tonkatsu by Terazawa? What's you're fave on the menu?

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