SunKissAlba Gets Beyonce’s Look

Sunday, May 11, 2014

SunKissAlba Gets Beyonce’s Look

Wow I loved the finished product, but let me tell you, she is a natural beauty. She look so freaky gorgeous without make up. Learn how James Vincent achieves Beyonce’s glamorous makeup look on SunKissAlba.

Makeup tips for a Beyonce look:

  • Color correct under your eyes with peach, coral or orange. For darker skin, use orange to balance out blue tones.

  • Contour with taupe eyeshadow or blush right below the cheek bone.

  • Bring black liner along lash line.

  • Use some shine or shimmer in a metallic eyeshadow to bring some lift to the smokey eyeliner.

  • Cut faux lashes into three sections and apply with a tiny amount of glue.

  • Finish off with gloss.

Tips to straight that curly hair and achieve the Beyonce’s look.

  • Wet your hair down.

  • If your hair is curly, blow out the curl to give a smooth finish. Use a round hair brush with a lot of tension, and blow your hair straight.

  • Add in some curl with hairspray. Use a ¾” inch curling iron, starting at the bottom of the hair, working to the top.

  • Pin each curl to the scalp and let cool.

  • Once cool, spray with hairspray, and brush out.

Nail polishing tips:

  • File, shape and buff your nails.

  • Apply oil to the cuticles.

  • Use bronze and gold polishes to blend the perfect metallic look.

  • Enhance the polish with different sizes and shapes of gold glitter at the tips of the nail (apply with a thin paint brush).

  • Seal with a glossy top coat

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