#OnlineShopping: Everbuying.com

Hello everyone!

While waiting for the clothes I have ordered at the online shopping website I have introduced to you before I will introduce yet another shopping website I've found called Everbuying.com. They offer health & beauty, electronics, apparel, accessories and Christmas (perfect for the holiday season) items.
Everbuying.com is a leading global online wholesale retail company operating in the international wholesale market specializing in electronics and contemporary fashion. By closely following the very latest trends and developments in European and American fashion, Everbuying.com has enjoyed years of continuous growth by faithfully serving a worldwide customer base of thousands of satisfied customers from over 200 countries since 2006.

 With more than 100,000 diverse product lines for the international market encompassing the very latest in top-quality products, such as the latest in cheap Android cell phones, cheap Android tablets, cheap car DVD players, cheap LED lighting, all kinds of cool electronic gadgets, cheap dresses, affordable fashion wedding dresses, cosplay costumes, outdoor equipment and many more great products. 
One of the factors that attracts me and what I always check in a shopping website is that the shipping and Everbuying.com is surprisingly offering free shipping.  Aside from the fact that they offer a variety of products I also find it great that they offer cheap prices. In addition to that, they also offer wholesale price for those who will buy in bulk so they can get a discount.

They accept the following as payment method:

1. Credit Card.
2. PayPal.
3. Wired transfer
4. Western union

They offer different privileges that members can enjoy and that is the following :

EB Points. When customers make a successful online payment they will automatically receive EB points equal to the total cost of the products purchase. If you are a new customer, just sign up and create a new account, you will then receive 10 EB points credited into your account. 50 EB Points = $ 1cost saving on a future order.

Affiliate Program. You can also register as an affiliate and earn a commission of 8% for every product sale.

Everbuying VIP Levels. VIP Levels will be by the sum-up of all paid orders amount. For diferrent client VIP levells, they could enjoy preferential price of the products. All the VIP levels are adjusted automatically by the system, there is no need of application.
As usual, I have sign-up an account and added some items on my wishlist for future purchases. And since I have gift card credits  in my account here are the items I will ordering in the website.

Im so excited for this purchase to be successful because I saw a lot of shoes, most specially boots, that I want purchase up next. Be sure to visit back my blog coz I will a review when this items will arrive. :)

Till next time... Annyeong!