Why So Serious?

G Dragon

Annyeong Haseyo!

The title. "Why So Serious?" is the question that has always been running in my mind lately. I dont know as to whom I want to ask this... for myself or to somebody? I dont know really... ^_^


Ive been battling for how many months already on how to catch up with my backlogs... :( And as day goes by Im battling, the blog post are piled up before I knew it. Lazy me! Lazy, lazy, lazy me..

I just dont know where my blogging spirit goes. Its been wandering for so long that I guess its already lost and cant find home... Okay fine! Will no longer wait for my blogging spirit to come home in my heart and mind.. I'll just try to catch up with the piled up backlogs and maybe soon enough will find him along the way (ASAP hopefully!).

My next dilemma now is that how to catch up?! Hmmm... Im thinking since I'm a frustrated fashion blogger I'll just post in my outfits of the day and maybe tell the where and what... Sounds like im good to go with that idea huh. I hope so! Now where do I start? Hmmm.. from the latest happenings or the past?! Im gonna have to figure it out. Have any suggestions? Would appreciate your suggestions in my comment box below.. :)