My Favorite Mango Float in Missy Bon Bon

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I treat myself to Missy Bon Bon today since Ive been craving for there gelato few days back. It was full of customer when arrived and everyone is very busy picking up pastries and snacks that they want to eat. As for me I went directly to where the gelato was to choose for the flavor that I would like to taste when I saw a lady carrying my favorite mango float on her tray. I immediately went to were the cakes was displayed for I know the mango float is also displayed there, I was very happy at what I saw because they already have small layer size (worth Php 85). The first time I visit in Missy Bon Bon this is only served in big layers (worth Php 450). And so I grabbed one mango float for myself and matched it with fresh pineapple juice and strawberry gelato.

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