My Daily Love Horoscope

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I was thankful to read my daily horoscope in Facebook today. I never really believe in it but I like reading what it says. Although, I do admit that sometimes what it says help me when I got discourage, confuse or think negatively on things (coz it sometimes give positive outlook). So here goes my love horoscope;

You are needing a little space and personal distance Libra, and this will play a part in your love affairs today. If you are attached, you may feel a little out of sorts with your partner, but this is more an issue with you than it is with them. If you take some time to withdraw or retreat on your own, you can use the time to reflect on the bigger issues in your relationship. This may lead to a break or a new start in love, but whatever decision you arrive at today will give you the inner peace you have been looking for. Single? The situation you have been stressing about has consumed too much energy with too little progress. It may be time for you to move on and get the fresh start you need.
This was so funny because what it says there really connected to what I feel now and confuse at. And I must admit its the best advice I should do. This situation has been stressing me a lot aside from work. Hopefully I get over this and yeah follow the advice from my love horoscope.

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