KMPH Camiguin Island Escapade

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 8, 2009, KMPH Web Solutions celebrated its 2nd Year Anniversary, and as part of the Thanksgiving celebration we went to Camiguin Island. We left Cagayan de Oro at 3:45am in the morning and arrived around 7:30am.

After we arrived at the Benoni Port, my workmates headed to the house in Mambajao and rested, while I dropped by at my grandparent’s house. We were supposed to be going to Mantigue Island that same day in the afternoon but my boss has changed his decision. We spent our celebration at Ardent Hot Spring. We ate lechon and took a deep at the hot water flowing freely in the pool.

In our second day in Camiguin, we spent the whole day to roam around the island and toured the best and mostly visited tourist destinations. First stop was the famous White Island. We rode a boat locally known as “Banca”and reached White Island - and after an hour of bathing and taking pictures we drove back to the main island of Camiguin. Our second stop was at the Walkway. We also took pictures there and bought some souvenirs since there were souvenirs stores in the area. The third stop was the Sunken Cemetery and we just took some pictures of the cross monument from a far since we did not ride a boat to reach the cross. Fourth stop was Santo Niño Cold Spring. We ate our lunch there and plunged at the very cold pool. Fifth stop was Guiob Church also known as Old Church Ruins. There, we enjoyed the nice view and historic place. Lastly, we visited Katibawasan Falls which was just like the Santo Niño Cold Spring. The water in Katibawasan was cold and it really frozen us.

After Katibawasan Falls we drove back to our headquarters which happened to be the house of my boss’s friend. Some of us took a rest while others prepared our dinner. After dinner we uploaded our pictures from our cameras using the Laptop of one of our workmates. We then watched the slide shows of the photos and were very noisy and eager to see each others photos; we laugh and bully each other as we saw the photos.

In our third and last day of the vacation, we left Camiguin Island with our happy faces, for these unforgettable memories in our lives that we have gone to Camiguin Island like real visitors did. We got bonding moments that strengthen our team and the chance to know more of who we are outside the four-wall cafe where we work. A short vacation we truly enjoyed.

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary KMPH!

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