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What I Wore| White Dress & Mid-Calf Boots

Blogged earlier on Zee and Aya's wedding... Here's what I wore on that day.
The themed of the wedding was bohemian. And the motiff is green and champagne. 

The bride requested for a non-white dress for guest on the last minute. However, Dee and I just arrived from our Bohol escape and we dont have much time to shop for something green bohemian outfit. You know girls... need atleast weeks, or worst, months to prepare for something to wear on special occasions. ^_^
So we both ended wearing white dresses. I  settled for my white dress with lace and crochet details. Not bad since its so boho! This is what I originally plan to wear until the bride's request... that is. I was able to spot this green vest so I added it up to atleast have something green on my outfit. I actually taught of it as clever thing... but still the bride was still upset on me and Dee's as well as Risa's major white outfits weeks after the wedding. (facepalm) hahaha Sorry again Zee!

I owned this dress in awhile and I had only worn it once. I bought it at a thrifted shop. Talking about being a hunter. ;)
The mid-calf boots is my latest addition to my boots babies. It arrive last month, ordered it online.

Headdress - Local Shop: Aizilym
Butterfly Bracelet - Local Shop: Aizilym
Beads-Heart Bracelet - Knick-Knacks
Green Vest - Thrifted Shop
White Dress - Thrifted Shop
Boots -

Fall Fashion

So I got busy matching fall outfits the whole afternoon. Funny because we dont even have fall/autumn season here in our country, of which is a tropical country. We do experience cool weather on “Ber” months but not much. And right now, the weathers more likely hot like summer.
Anyways, browse some great clothes at and made my own fall style board for fall season. You will mostly see maxi dresses and boots because this are my faves. ^-^

So here’s what I have came up… Below every pic you will find the links to every piece of clothes, shoes and accessories in the style board.
Dress | Poncho | Boots | Watch | Ring
Dress | Bracelet | Scarf| Sweater | Bag | Boots

Dress | Sweater | Earrings | Bracelet | Watch | Boots | Belt
Dress | Jacket | EarringsNecklace | Watch | Bag | Scarf |Boots

Hat | Coat | Blouse | Earrings | Leggings | Boots
Top | Sweater | Pants | Hat | Watch | Necklace

What do you think? Which of the above are your fave style? Drop me your comments below!

Chunky Heel

I attended a free flash photography workshop at Centrio Mall. After the photography workshop I strolled around the mall all by myself and then went for a grocery trip after. I wore for the first time the camel ankle boots that I purchased online at What I love most on this boots is that even if it has a 4 inches high heel its super comfortable. I lasted wearing those boots. I just felt a little bit of pain in my legs of which was a sign for me to go home. Imagine, wearing that high heeled boots and walking for hours! Poor feet!

Thrifted Knitted Top and Jeans | Knicks n' Knacks Arm Candies|Camel Ankle Boots

#ShoeSelfie: Leather Ankle Boots from Finally Arrive!

Sammy Dress Ankle Boots

Today's one of those days when I wake up feeling tired or should I say stress from problems, but ended feeling blessed by the end of the day. Since I'm stuck with no solution to my problem I shrug it off, continue on daily routine and trust I'll find solutions along the way... Im so glad I did with an added bonus that made me smile.

Sammy Dress Ankle Boots
Happiness in the box!

The leather ankle boots that I ordered at last December arrived today at the Post Office and they message me earlier to pick it up. Wohhooo! This is my second attempt in purchasing shoes online the first one is from Romwe of which was successful and now this one from Sammy Dress. There are lots to choose from but why shoes on my initial order? I just cant resist ordering the boots from SammyDress because there are a lot of affordable and stylish boots. And you know I cant resist boots specially if the style is not yet on my collections. ^_^

Locally my shoe size is 6 but I ordered size 37 on Which was just the right size, no more no less. The quality is good, no flaws. Though there was a  little tear strip on the side of the package probably someone wants to get a peek on its contents. Good thing though the box is thick.

A new baby is born... Camel Ankle Boots
Sammy Dress Ankle Boots

Sammy Dress Ankle Boots

Ohhh! I cant wait to wear this on my next outfit shots. 

Have you tried ordering at

#Wishlist: Double Wear Boots

Anyone seen the latest Facebook update? Facebook now have a photo collaboration wherein you can add your friends as contributors to your album... Kinda like Pinterest. ^_^

September is here! The start of 'ber' months reminds most us of Christmas is coming soon. Oh I love Christmas! Since Christmas is all about giving, I'm adding two gorgeous boots to my wishlist. Hopefully Santa didn't added me to the naughty list... Tehee!

#OOTD: My First Romwe Dress

BYS Cosmetics (13)

I was lucky to be given task to promote Romwe products and promos in exchange for a Romwe gift certificate that I can use to purchase on On my first shopping experience with Romwe, it took me long to finally decide on what to purchase. I had so many items added on my wishlist already and I have limited credits available. I  just want to try it first that is why I'm just making use on the available credits in my account. After browsing and flipping on the website, I have decided on purchasing this Leopard Embellished Shoulder Pads Black Dress. It was actually love at first sight and so I trusted my instinct and hit the checkout button.

That On-sale Booty!

After a dinner meeting I along with fellow CDObies Jacques and Vicmadz drop by at Payless Shoesource boutique to check for some on-sale items. As soon as we arrive I had immediately picked an on-sale booty. Most of the shoe size are already either too big or too small specially on the on-sale items. Good thing there is still a 6 and 1/2 size (my size) of which seem to fit but I think it'll hurt after a long walk. And so I ask if size 7 is available and luckily still has.
After paying I stroll around the other side, which was an effin bad move! The reason is that I saw another booty on-sale and I love so much the style. I was so excited and fit it immediately but it was too big because its size 8. We ask for a lower size but the saleslady said its the only one left, I ask again and again maybe they could still find smaller size but sadly there was none. I really felt bad because I really love the style and it has a good quality in an on-sale price of Php 300. :( To my frustration, Jacques had to drag me out because the store is already closing and  I still don't want to take my hand off on that booty and I almost bought it even its too big for my feet... Hahaha
Here is that booty im talking about... Taadddaaaa!

Oh! By the way, will post a photo of the other booty I've firstly bought soon when I already used it. For now heres the packaging... :D