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Hello Red Hair!

Finally saying goodbye to my accidental ombre hair color.... 
And saying hello to my new red mahogany brown hair color.
I had my first hair color at Ystilo Salon more than a year ago. And since I was satisfied by the service, I opted to comeback again to have my second hair color treatment.

New Hairstyle from Ystilo Salon

New year new look as they say... #TryNewThings2014

Went to Ystilo Salon to use my gift certificate for a mani and pedi but I ended up having a new hairstyle after I went out at the Salon. :D Well, I was actually thinking of a hair spa with my mani and pedi to consume all the amount in my GC but then the people in the salon suggested why not a hair makeover for a new look this new year.

An Interview with Vina Morales


Me with Miss Kagay-an 2012 Greanne Trisha T. Mendoza who also interview Miss Vina for MagTV Na!

Me with Miss Angelina Lim owner of Ystilo Salson Limketkai.

Vina Morales at Ystilo Salon Limketkai

Last October 11, 2013, Actress-singer Vina Morales visited Ystilo Salson Limketkai branch for Ystilo Salon’s 15th Year Anniversary. I had the chance to interview with Miss Vina and it was actually my first time to do a celebrity interview. Good thing I prepared some questions on my mobile notepad. ^_^ So here goes a video of my interview.