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Tomato Swap Watch

Hi there! How was weekend so far?
This week was not so good for me. For some reason, I suddenly felt not good and sad. I just cant concentrate at work. And so last Thursday, I went strolling to the mall to atleast entertain myself and get rid of those bad feeling.
The original plan was to go on food trip. I was so ready for food hopping but after my first stop the next thing I did was shopping for shoes and watch. I forgot about the food trip... all my time was spent shopping. I did felt better after. hehe
So this Swap Watch catch my attention at the Tomato Time kiosk. What really stands out with this watches is that you can design them with your own taste. You select the style of strap and the design of the watch face that goes with it.
Swap watches have a hypoallergenic silicone strap, stainless steel case back, and water resistant up to 3 meters in fresh water. The watch comes with a one year warranty on its Japan made mechanism.
The prices of the watch and the strap varies for every design. As for mine the watch face was Php 600.00 (12 usd) and the strap is Php 650.00 (13 usd).
I am thinking of getting another design on the face so I can have many options to match with my outfit and mood of the day. ;)

How do entertain yourself when feeling not so good?

Online Shopping| Floral Watch

Shared previously about my latest online shopping adverture at Photo above is me wearing the floral watch with my floral boho pants in the background. I just love the watch! The quality is great and the time is exactly right.

If you like to purchase this floral watch buy it here!