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Pointers To Achieve Six Pack Abs Easily

Six Pack Abs

Six pack ab strength training is not as hard as it looks. Most people spend way too much time working on areas that will never lead them towards the six pack that they've always wanted. Instead, if you were to focus on your metabolism, with a slight bias towards ab strengthening, you would be able to decrease your body fat, improve your stamina, eat more (not less), and get in and out of the gym faster.

Increasing metabolism requires proper nutritional habits, improved posture, and high intensity exercise.

By choosing balanced meals, sufficient calories, and appropriate meal timing you have an ability to demand more energy from your body during any given workout, thereby taking more away from each workout in less time. Improving posture leads to improved oxygenation of muscles, improved circulation, increased self-confidence, and improved cosmetics. High intensity exercise leads to lactic acid production, minuscule tears of muscles that require repair following bouts of exercise, and momentary muscular failure. These characteristics force your body to undergo a repair process that lasts days after leaving the gym, instead of the hour or two you may spend in the gym. Naturally, as with any process in your body, processes consume energy, and energy equals metabolism.

Decreasing body fat is a product of increasing your muscle to fat ratio (muscle:fat.)

The easiest way to do this is by adding lean muscle mass to your body, and then working on losing weight from there. Because muscle consumes more calories than body fat, you will be able to eat more, burn more off, and feel stronger throughout your day. Instead of restricting calories and feeling lethargic, you will be able to rise above and feel motivated to succeed the following day with your goals.

Eat more, not less.

Most people try to diet when they want to improve physique. What's more? They stay in the gym longer, but they have less to burn. Instead, think of food as fuel and exercise as fire. In order to keep the fire burning, you have to continually feed it fuel. Exercise is the same way. If you would like your body to function optimally, consider eating at least a snack every 2-3 hours. Preferably, your snack will look just like the balanced meal you ate earlier in the day, but a smaller portion. Over time, your body will learn to accept and use more calories, provide more fuel to the fire, and dramatically improve your results in the gym.

Six pack ab training is achievable if you know what you're doing. Increasing metabolism, decreasing body fat, and improving dietary habits leads to faster and longer lasting results.

If you'd like a free trial to an ab strengthening program that will change your life in just ten minutes per day, please visit:
This article originally posted By Kareem Samhouri, DPT on Ezine Article

Exploring Cagayan De Oro For #WonderfulMindaNOW

Cagayan De Oro Map

Just received a challenge to share the many interesting things that can be found in my beloved city, Cagayan de Oro. Since I have not been out and about for quite a long time, found this opportunity or great excuse to just out and about in Cagayan de Oro. Will be exploring the top 10 coolest spots in the city. This could be the following:

  • Hole-in-the-wall Cafes and Restaurants

  • Local music Acts

  • Best Street Fashion

  • Picturesque scenes in the city

  • Great escape and secrets

The challenge will take place in my Social media accounts so do follow and check my Twitter: @venussmileygal, Instagram: @venussmileygal and Facebook: Emotera Goddess. You can also keep track what other fellow Mindanaoan bloggers are sharing by following #WonderfulMindaNOW.

Exciting isn't it? This is why I'm pretty excited for this campaign! And I am gearing up by subscribing to Globe's GoUNLI20PLUS post photos and status updates on my social media accounts anytime, anywhere.

If you're a Kagay-anon join me on this challenge and lets explore the coolest places in Cagayan de Oro. You can also recommend to me from thing to do, restaurants, gig spots, to the best selfie places and many more! Feel free to tag me, or send comments and messages on any of my social media accounts. Will be looking forward to hear from you all!

Country in the World Best Fits My Personality

What Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality?

Answered this quiz and the result is France! My ideal country is Europe specifically somewhere in London. France not bad at all. How I waish I could live there someday. ;)


National Bookstore Project Aral

School Supplies

Back to school is fast approaching!

My kiddo is officially enrolled and ready for the next school year. What's lacking though is the books and uniform but I'll worry on that later since school haven't started yet. Next stop is buying school supplies. It was very helpful that his teacher has already listed all the school supplies he needs at school coz it saves the time and money on shopping.

School Requirements

If you are going to buy school supplies at the National Bookstore, you might be interested in donating a school supplies for the children who are affected by the Typhoon Yolanda. National Bookstore Project Aral school kit includes 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, sharpener and eraser. This kit cost 25.00 (PHP). Your extra 25.00 can go a long way in helping kids in need.

National Bookstore Project Aral

How to Cure a Bad Day

My ingredients to happiness when I'm having a bad day...

So here's one of those days when you start of not good. I was just so disappointed that something I am excited with since last month came to a sad ending a few days before it supposed to happen. I was really upset and in a bad mood that I hate everything and everyone. So I decided not to go home until I cure this negative feeling...

1. Coffee and doughnuts. Sweets is a perfect comfort food for a person with a bitter heart. And Kaffe Kreme is a perfect treat to a coffee addict like me.
Krispy Kreme Centrio

2. Watch a movie that will make you laugh out loud. For the 3rd time Ive watched Diary ng Panget The Movie again! I know... I know... Ive seen this several times already on the big screen but it's just that my feet brought me to the mall and the only thing in my mind is that I need to laugh to erase the bad mood. Well, it was effective because after laughing out loud and feeling so kilig at Eya and Cross, I felt better.

Diary ng Panget The Movie

3. Shopping and grocery! The perfect cure I guess... ^_^ Well, getting upset and in a bad mood gave me an excuse to buy something for myself. :D Or it could also be my way of comforting myself since no one will comfort me... Okay lets just believe the first reason because the later sounds bitter. hehe... I also did some grocery after so atleast I wont feel guilty buying un-necessity stuff. And besides when I'm stress grocery shopping is my ultimate therapy. Well, atleast I don't fell sorry if I bought too much because my family can use and eat everything that I bought.

So I found this sale undershirts from Bench. Ah finally! I bought simple tees perfect for my skirts.

Bench Undershirts Sale (1)
Bench Undershirts Sale (2)

I also found this cheap tops from a boutique at the neighboring mall.


After the things I did above here's me, in an OOTD pose, wearing a smile and finally went home feeling better and now ready for work.

Monday OOTD

Strangers Can Be a Blessing Too

I came across this blog post titled To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store. It reminded me of a personal experience during those time when I was so down and out and don't know where to find help.

6 years ago, I also met my angel in disguise from a totally stranger.  I was working at a small firm here at our local place that time and the salary was not good because the business was not doing good also. After a few months working, I sneak out during breaks to hunt for better jobs. Then came a time when I desperately needed money to buy food and milk for my son. I break down and cry at the office, out of frustration. I message some friends and ask for help. And so while waiting, I distract myself to calmed down. I went to a chatroom and entertained myself at chatting at random people. Until I got a message from a guy in Yahoo Messenger.

He is also from Cagayan de Oro and currently on his vacation because he work as a seaman. We talked random stuffs, until our conversation went to each of our problems. He has some problem with his current girlfriend and family that time, and he unloaded it all on me. He gave me advice and words of encouragement on my problem. He also, without hesitation, told me that he will help me. I thought he was just kidding, when he said that he will gave me money for me to atleast not worry for that day. He told me to just smile and don't think to much of what the things that gives me worries and sadness. To be honest, I felt a bit better after that.

Before he bid goodbye, he ask my phone number and where in the city is my work located at. I know it was silly and stupid, considering that he is a complete stranger and a man, but I gave it to him. A few minutes after, I was surprise... He called me on my phone and said he is somewhere near the office. I didn't believe it at first, but something is telling me to check if its true. So, nervously, I did check him out and saw that indeed he was there, with the phone in his ear talking to me.  When he saw me he ask if its really me. And when I came to him, he took my hand and gave me the money and said "Hi! I know its unusual for me to be doing this, but I hope you will take this money. I hope this will help you for now. Don't worry pay me when you already have extra money. No rush. Take care." And then turn around and left. With the Php500.00 peso in my hand, I was not able to move for a moment and not even had the chance to say thank you. I really couldn't believe it. I only said thank you to him when I came back at the office and see that the money was still in my hand. I message him on Yahoo Messenger because I don't have a load on my phone. After that we don't have much communication. He was busy processing his paper because he is going back to work, 5 days after that.

A few months after, he was in town for a vacation he sent me a text message asking how I was and how was life and that's it. I sent him a message saying, how thankful I am for his help and that may he be blessed always for his kindness. He responded, "No do not praise me I'm no angel, im not the type of person who is kind." I was nervous that time because this time he might ask me something in-exchange for that help he gave me, but he didn't. When I responded to his message, we just texted shortly and that's it. We never meet again ever since that day he helped me. We use to send each other hi and hello's on Friendster but after Friendster was gone we no longer have a communication. We also lost each others phone numbers.

Right now, I am wondering how he is doing. I do hope that he is blessed and happy because he deserves it. I will forever thank him for he not only help me that time but he has also thought me a lesson to live by... Smile and trust that for every struggles you experience there's always hope and answer for it. Strangers can be a blessing too.

Here is the letter from the blog True Stories of a Midwest Yankee: To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store

#100HappyDays Week 4

Yay! How fast time flies... Im now at my 4th week of finding reasons to be happy everyday.

Day 22. Bonding after his school activity at the mall.

Day 23. Kiddo will be closing first chapter of his education on Saturday! #100HappyDays

Day 24. Attended Holy Trinity School Thanksgiving mass early in the morning with kiddo yesterday. #100HappyDays

Day 25. My mini brownies is ready to be devoured! So delicious and kinda chewy. I should bake more for the family because I almost finish this already. ❤ #100happydays

Day 26. My favorite junk food when I was young... ❤ #100happydays

Day 27. Proud mommy moments! ^_^ #100HappyDays

Day 28. Dessertssssss!!! ❤❤❤ Invited for #MonsterKitchenAcademy Graduation Ceremony. @BakingSchoolCDO #100HappyDays 

#100HappyDays Week 3

On to my week 3 of finding happiness everyday!

Day 15. Succeed Level 500! :D #100HappyDays

Day 16. My blog has a new look! #100HappyDays ❤

Day 17. This video from "It's Show Time" show made me laugh out loud today. Ikaw na Jhong! Lol

Day 18. New books to read! <3 #100HappyDays

Day 19. Online shopping at @Romwe! ;) <3 #100HappyDays

Day 20. Happiness is... @krispykremePH orginal glazed doughnuts and kape kreme on a weekend. ^_^ <3 #100HappyDays #SmileygalDay

Day 21. I had so much fun with this peeps today. We toured the the whole city today and ended the night with an exciting chikka. <3 ^_^ #100HappyDays

Diary ng Panget The Movie

Diary ng Panget The Movie
The number 1 best-selling book of 2013, soon to be blockbuster movie this coming April 2, 2014! I didn't have the chance to read the book, Diary ng Panget, but this movie adaptation seems to be awesome and got me interested! I also like the good casting on the movie. I cant wait to watch in on theater and then probably read the book after. :)

Nadine Lustre as Eya Rodriguez
James Reid
as Cross Sandford
Yassi Pressman
as Lory Keet
Andre Paras
as Chad Jimenez

Directed by Andoy Ranay

Story by Denny aka HaveYouSeenThisGirl

Checkout the official full trailer of Diary ng Panget The Movie! :)

The Catchy Dialogues...

"You ambitious frog... Kokak!"
"Ang anak ko is human, but also he is half halimaw."
"Mukha mo pala yun..akala ko connect the dots..."
"Panget na nga, lampa pa."
"Can I order you?...  Takeout?"
"Huwag kang maarte, hindi ka maganda!"
"Bakit ang Pangit mo? Saan mo tinatago yung sungay at buntot mo?"

What also make this movie interesting is the soundtracks of the movie. The Diary Ng Panget The Movie sound tracks (OST) are sung by the lead characters of the movie. The song is catchy also and you can see the good acting and chemistry of Nadine and James.

The Diary Ng Panget The Movie OST...

Paligoy-Ligoy - Nadine Lustre

No Erase - James Reid & Nadine Lustre

I have always been a fan of Korean dramas and Korean music but lately I've notice some cool Pinoy pop (Ppop) also. Now that I can see Philippine entertainment industry is improving will also help in sharing it to the world. Go, go Pinoy artist!

I Want a Boyfriend Like JC Intal!

Instagram is something I check first thing when I wake up. Yesterday, I just discovered something sweet that became the buzz of town and trending topic of the day. Basketball player JC Intal just proposed to Bianca Gonzales at NAIA terminal with close friends (as accomplice) and the public travelers to witness.

I got kilig when I saw some photos an videos on Instagram yesterday but didn't really have a plan to jump into the bandwagon of blogging the trending topic of the day. Until I saw Bianca Gonzales super kilig Instagram update this morning...

That Little Things...

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 1: during breakfast on the plane, I was served this note in a wine glass. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 2: around 5 hours into the flight, while eating my in-flight adobo lunch, this note came in another wine glass. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 3: when I woke up on the plane, the pilot (yes, as in the pilot of the plane!!) comes out to talk to me and congratulate me, hands me JC's passport holder (that I was borrowing from JC before I left pero he said no), and inside was this third and final note. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb #luckiestgirlintheworld

You see one reason probably why I'm still single right now is that I'm a hopeless romantic. Spark, romance, fairy tales, and sweet gestures is something I always look for on a guy. I am so inlove with happy endings and love in every relationship. The reason my friends would say I'll grow old single because man like that no longer exist nowadays. Well, yes I admit I'm worried and I do believe that man like that our now instinct until JC Intal's sweet gestures relive that sentimental dream/wish of mind.

It's the Thought that Counts...

What made me so kilig at JC Intal is that he was never afraid to ask Bianca Gonzales in public. Its was not about a 'grand showcase' or another 'airport proposal copy-cut' but it was all about the joy of surprising the woman you love and shouting to the world "Im going to be the soon-to-be-husband of this woman". Nothing is more sweeter to a woman than seeing how proud her man is with his girl. And yes the effort in planning everything for the surprise is undeniably sweet. Well, it may not be applicable to all the woman because I know some others are not keen to surprises. However, for me its sweet!

@mikaelamartinez: @iamsuperbianca was already checked in & was asked to come back to check in counter to verify a package....& then we came out one by one handing over a rose.. "Baby i love your way" performed live~ @jcintal7 song of choice ☺️ #jcandb

@mikaelamartinez: When he asked her to marry him...(sorry the video was shakey! I was tearing up) @jcintal7 @iamsuperbianca #jcandb


Venus Smileygal

#100HappyDays Week 2

Now on my 2nd week of #100HappyDays challenge. What keeps me going and inspire more is that because of this challenge I have learn to recognize those little things that's makes me happy.

Day 8. Finally printed photos of Justine yesterday! Childhood memories. ^_^ #100happydays

Day 9: Woke up early today and took a morning walk to the public market. :) #NoFilter #100happydays

Day 10. Lasagna and Coffee coolers! You all surely knows why im happy right now. #favorite #meal ❤ #100happydays

Day 11.'Coco Made Me Do It' statement shirt up for grab! Join my blog giveaway click here #100happydays

Day 12. Happy feet! My first try at vanity works! The place is so relaxing. Will definitely melt down ur stress.#100HappyDays

Day 13. Finally use for the first time this new baby! ^_^ #boots ❤ #100happydays

Day 14. Cleaned and gave my work station a new look. Na short sa wallpaper though. #100HappyDays

#100happydays Week 1


A few days ago I got curious about the hashtag #100happydays and Google it. I first read this article from Take the 100 Happy Days Challenge and change your life. I got interested and visited their website After reading everything I take on the challenge and registered.

Looking Back At My Facebook Journey

Today, I am sharing with you my Facebook Movie made by Mark Zuckerberg and his team in Facebook. The video is all about the highlights in my 4 years on Facebook. Technically, I started Facebook 5 years ago but I created a new Facebook account to separate work and personal updates. And yes, the reason I signed-up for a Facebook account before was for work. Until some friends and relatives from the past and the present started adding me on Facebook that I find it hard to mix work updates and personal updates.

I could see that the highlights in the video was base on the most liked, most commented and probably the most viral photos and status post. Most viral means that a lot of people saw that update, probably because of the friends that are tagged on the photos or post and the comments in the post.

After watching the video there's only one thing that describes my journey in Facebook... Friendship. My video is all about the friends that I've reunited, met, gone and stayed...

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

Have you seen your Facebook movie too? How was it?


My friends from college invited me for a Christmas party. It was a karaoke night since the party was held at Willsbar KTV. This gathering dont usually happen since lately everyone has been busy with each career and family, infact 2 are missing out because they are not in town.

This probably one of my few appearance on every events Dallavags has. Ever since before I have always been the "bee", jumping from one group to another group of friends. I could say I have lots of barkada's and they all stick together as time goes by while as for me I'm still flying everywhere. I more often miss out a lot so when I came in my usual reaction and response was "Really? I didn't know that?".


December is also the birthday of 2 of our barkada's Carol and Red so opted to celebrate it also. I even joked that in 2014 Christmas party should be celebrated in September so I can have my birthday cake too. hehe


I was so busy on that day that I really taught I couldn't make it. And since I had so many things to do, I opted for an outfit that is comfortable and casual. This probably my usual get-up lately, top with blazer and a shorts.

oot - Blazerz and shorts

oot - Blazerz and shorts (1)

oot - Blazerz and shorts (2)

oot - Blazerz and shorts (3)

Theme of the Year: #TryNewThings2014

This photo is from Bianca Gonzales instagram. She shared this article that she wrote for December 2013 Editor's Note for Meg Magazine. I find this more attainable and exciting instead of making a New Year's resolutions.

I was thinking of #Focus2014 to be my theme of the year but then I also like #TryNewThings2014. I ended choosing the later because I need to break away with some things in the past... Lets just say I tend to focus on certain things so much which most of the time gave me heartaches and not good feelings in the end. So this year as much as I want to focus on a to different aspects in my life I think I need to change some of it first before I will focus on it. And besides, Ive been dealing with diverting my attention to different aspects in my life that until now still unsuccessful. Guess this is a sign... ^_^

And so I will #TryNewThings2014!

What will your theme this year be?

2014 Blog Wishlist

EmoteraGoddess 2014

What I want to achieve for my blog this 2014...

1. Blog more. Last year, I have so many things to blog for but was lazy to even just update pictures of it.

2. Find a "photographer". Since I started fashion blogging I realized it was not easy when your in this journey alone. You need to have supporters and paparazzi. :D Other fashion bloggers got their boyfriend, sibling and assistant who took their outfits shots. Sadly, I got none of the mentioned person. Hopefully I can have someone who will take my outfit shots this year. If you have the same dilemma I'm open for collaboration just message me!;)

3. Own a tripod. An alternative for number 2 is the tripod. Some fashion bloggers took their outfit shots with their tripod so why not try it right?

4. Video blogging. I have lots of videos stored in my external hard drive. It's probably not to late to edit and share them. And yes hopefully capture more and share it here in my blog. :)

5. Master photography. Last year, I manage to get some items in my wishlist one of which is a DSLR camera. This year I should make use of it and enhance my photography skills.

6. Plan! I'm not a planner type of person. I tried buying a planner before but it all ended in my drawer... Dusted and bored to death with no plans written on it. This year will yet again try to be a planner bit by bit until I'll get use to it. I didn't buy a planner notebook for myself but a blogger friend gave one as a gift. Now I have another reason to really use it. ^_^

7. Travel places. So I can use my planner! haha I should seriously try this to gave my life a different scenario. Will start with nearby places maybe in Cagayan de Oro and hopefully if budget permits go national and then international. (*crossing fingers*)

8.Share more. Until now Im still searching for reasons and trying to bring back my enthusiasm to blogging. I really can't figure out why it took me so long to find that enthusiasm in sharing things in my blog. Hopefully, this year I can share more in my blog with the help ofcourse of my "photographer", tripod, planner and travel experiences.

9. Companion. All this things I listed would be much more fun and possible if I have a companion who'll support my crazy adventures. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend (though I'm praying for one.. :P) but whoever who is willing to share their time with me.

10. Go out! I shouldn't just work in my home office, or dining room table. I should take my laptop to the mall, or coffee shop once a week or so.

Camille Co for Olay Conversations #OlayProudofmyAge

I saw this video of Boy Abunda interviewing fashion blogger Camille Co for Olay Conversations. Just taught of sharing this because I like thought of the interview in connection to blogging ofcourse. I do like and strongly agree with Camille when she said "that there's no wrong way of blogging. It's supposed to be really personal for you." If your blogging for the purpose of sharing what's your passionate about and sharing your personal experiences then its possible there are no rules in it. It can be sharing personal fashion, hobbies, sports, food, travels and more. And as Camille said "Its your blog, its your page, your own voice."

Watch the video interview to find out more...

Traveling with #HavaianasHotAirBalloonCDO

Question: If the Havaianas Hot Air Balloon can take you anywhere you can possibly imagine. Where Would You Want To Go?

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching (3)

Stylish Drawings from Kristina Webb

From reading through some blogs earlier came across this Kristina Webb very unique art. I find it very creative, stylish and feminine! A very talented girl indeed. Check out Kristina's drawings below with a touch of natural crafts. ^_^
Kristina Webb Art 1

Productive Monday!

San Anotnio de Padua Parish Fund Raising
First of, I want to invite everyone to watch the Music, Fashion & Tradition. A fund raising event of Santo Antonio de Padua Parish. The event will happen this coming August 2, 2013, Friday at 7:00PM at the Barangay Nazareth Gym. The ticket is sold at P100.00 that will help in the church renovation.

Today has been a productive Monday so far. And even though I didn't have much of a fun weekend because I was working the whole weekend. I am glad that didn't gave any effect on another busy Monday. I call this productive also because I was able to accomplish things Im not used in doing so. And that is being online all the time. I was able to finish my first accomplishment without any distraction. Yeeba! Im learning on getting focus on one task at hand slowly...  No more multi-tasking. ^_^