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Webcam Toys

I discovered this cool website when I hangout at my friends house. She uses this desktop camera on her selfie moments when she’s board on her online work. Since there are 3 of us and using cellphone kinda hassle to position on a group shot we used Webcam Toy instead. We had a lot of fun posing to the camera who also has a timer which is perfect for group shots. There are a lot of filters you can apply on your photos too. And options like save to your computer and share to you social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So if you love taking pictures and don’t want to hassle yourself with your phones small screen use this desktop camera instead. ^_^

Book: Your Mind At Its Best

Everytime I pass by at National Bookstore - Centrio I always go inside and visit my favorite spot... the Religion/Inspiration bookshelf. I am actually looking for a book called The Secret Daily Teachings but they only have The Secret on display always. I haven't checked other branches though if its available there because I often visit Centrio Mall and National Bookstore is in an area where I often pass by whether I'll go grab some meal or going to grocery. Most of the times when I visit other malls I always forget to check the National Bookstore.

Anyways, today I checked on the books on display and I saw Rhonda Byrnes newest book Hero (The Secret) is now available. I am tempted to buy it but I really wanted to own first The Secret Daily Teachings. So instead I checked on other books. There where a lot of new books on the shelf and I was attracted to this book... Your Mind At Its Best: 40 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp by David Biebel, James Dill and Bobbie Dill. I got curios and so I run through the pages on one of the unwrap books. I find it useful and interesting to read and so I end up buying it instead.

Your Mind At Its Best Book

Your Mind At Its Best Book

The Alcatel Onetouch Soleil of Sun Cellular Plan 350

Look what I got from strolling at Centrio Mall... A new Alcatel Onetouch Soleil from Sun Cellular!

alcatel one touch soleil

Its been months since I planned to get a postpaid account for mobile and now I finally am subscribed to Sun Cellular Plan 350. Its actually a good deal already coz aside from having a new phone for free I also get to have sun to sun unlimited call text and 250 text to all networks every month. Even though I'm not much of a texter this plan is perfectly suited for me. It has always been a hassle to me when you run out of load in times that you needed it the most and I have to disturb friends, cousin and neighbor to load for me. Now I dont have to worry for that anymore! As well as that frustrating feeling when promos you subscribe in is already expired without even making use of it to its fullest. (sucks!)

Mobile Blogging Via My iPhone 3gs

Hey readers! Im blogging right now via my iPhone 3Gs... Its nothing new actually coz I used to blog via my iPhone before. I just didn't get to share my experiences mobile blogging via iPhone 3Gs however I did shared my first ever experienced with my first smart phone Samsung S5230W Star WiFi.
So what is it I'm going to share now? Well, I just recently migrated to Wordpress and this is the first time I'm using the Wordpress mobile app. I've downloaded this app for awhile already but I just use it now. ^_^ Its very convenient actually so as long you have an internet connection you can publish a blog post. I will surely be using this more often now that my personal blog already in Wordpress. Back then I've usually utilized my Blogger app in updating this blog where it was freely hosted before. I will just make a separate post on my blogging experienced with Blogger app.
Here is the snapshots I got when you access your self hosted blog via mobile.

Now here's a snapshots when I started blogging. You can see above the options cancel and publish. Next are the title, tags and categories. Options below on it is the write, settings, preview attachments, videos and image. Tap the screen below categories and now you can start blogging.

Selecting the categories in your blog...


Lets go to uploading photos...

Now this is how it looks when you finish uploading the pictures... Html code. Be sure you dont any letter or delete anything from to the /a> coz it will be the reason your image wont display.

After adding photos you can now preview and publish your post!

Have you tried blogging through your mobile? What smart phone are you using? Will looking forward to hear your experience too! :)

iPhone 3GS Wallet Leather Flip Case Cover

iPhone 3Gs Flip Cover (5)
After several months of looking I finally gave in and purchase an iPhone 4 4S 3GS Wallet Leather Flip Case Cover on Ebay. The item is sold for US $3.65 and with additional US $0.50 shipping fee here in the Philippines. Since the price is not expensive I ordered one for my iPhone. There are 9 colors available; Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Peach, Pink, Mustard and Purple. I've chosen my favorite color blue which was a bad choice for me. Its because after several times using it the leather case catches dirt and dust of which can easily spotted on the blue part. Thats on the inside though the outside cover is in black leather.

My phone fits perfectly on it. Its also handy that it had 3 card pockets but you cant stuff in all 3 cards because it will already bulky and the other card will no longer fit in. Anyway, that's a minor issue what Im after is that a safe cover for my phone coz I tend to be clumsy. What I also like with flip covers is that the front screen is also covered so if accidentally drop I wont worry. As well as I will not worry for scratch on the screen when I place it in my bag.

iPhone 3Gs Flip Cover (1)
iPhone 3Gs Flip Cover (2)
iPhone 3Gs Flip Cover (3)
iPhone 3Gs Flip Cover (4)

Precious Hearts Romance: Drumbeats Series By Arrielle

One of Precious Hearts Romance famous and best-selling tagalog romance author has yet release another series that PHR readers will surely love. Arrielle new series is titled Drumbeat, its a special edition pocketbooks with 144 pages each.

Here are the 6 series new releases:Drumbeats 1: Rhyme

Drumbeats 2: Repertoire

Drumbeats 3: Harmony

Drumbeats 4: Medley

Drumbeats 5: Resonance

Drumbeats 6: Rhapsody

Precious Hearts Romance: Stallion Island Series

I have already mentioned in my other blog that I am really addicted to Precious Hearts Romance pocketbooks.

Precious Hearts Romance Pocketbooks

And right now im starting out my Stallion Island Series by Sofia... So far this are what I have in my collection:

Precious Hearts Romance - Stallion Island Series
#1 Misha Santoros
#2 Jayson Alden Arcena
#3 Yzaak Argoncillo
#4 Leigh Armaund Lopez
#5 Chrome Venitio

My Reader's Digest Condensed Books Volume 5!

Readers Digest Condensed Books
When I was still in elementary, my uncle influenced us to study a lot and read a lot. One Christmas he gave me and my cousins a Reader's Digest Condensed Books. There are 5 stories in the books:

  • Vermillion by Phyllis A. Whitney

  • Totaled by Frances Rickett and Steven McGraw

  • Ike & Mamie (The Story of the General and His Lady) by Lester David and Irene David

  • The Dark Horse by Rumer Godden

  • Fortress by Gabrielle Lord

This is actually one of my treasured gifts since its the first book that was given to me. I finished reading all the stories in the book when I was already in high school because I was lazy and care more of playing toys rather than reading. The stories in this books is great and I learned a lot.
Readers Digest Condensed Books
Readers Digest Condensed Books
Readers Digest Condensed Books