New Hairstyle

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hi everyone! I just had a new hairstyle. And im so back with bangs... ^-^
This time I tried a Mirangcurl Korean Salon at SM City CDO. I still have the same hair color I just got a haircut. Even though the one I wanted was not achieve (yes again) Im happy with my hairstyle. I like the service specially the shampoo treatment because hey massage your head as well. It's so relaxing and refreshing after. I don't like some of the staff though because I caught some of them talking and joking about the costumer. Although some other staff are very accommodating.
To maintain this hair style can be handful but I dont worry much because I have my Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush which helps a lot with keeping my hair  straight and in place specially at the end part of my hair.
With the Jade hair brush anti-scalding bristle its safe to contact on my palm so I can straighten the hair from the root to end. I can feel the heat but it didn't burn my palm.

If you're interested of Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush check it out at

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  1. Your hair looks so fresh and healthy!

    Love the look! I had bangs once- and never again, but that was only because I could never maintain the shape that it had to be.


  2. I love your new hair cut and that product looks interesting. I might check them out later. Also I am following you on GFC (#106) and i am following your IG (my user is @Lovingrose_). I hope you follow back dear!

    XOXO - Thee Lovingrose

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  3. I like your hairstyle:) You look beautiful:)

  4. Your hair look really healthy and shiny.


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