Casual Halloween Outfits

Hi everyone! 
Halloween is just around the corner. Im sure you will be attending a Halloween party or events. As for me I dont have any plans yet but the kiddo has been begging to attend a Halloween costume party like we did last year. So i'll company him   
In today's post, I'm sharing some casual dresses that are usually found in our closet that can be a great Halloween costume. So even if your lazy dressing up for a Halloween party you still fit in and has a character to represent. ;)
1. Morticia Addams - I know plain black long maxi dress is more appropriate but when I saw this dress I just thought its a gorgeous alternative costume for Morticia. It's so stunningly sexy dress.
2. Wednesday Addams - Ofcourse I will not forget Morticia's daughter, Wednesday. If you have a black dress just like this sweater dress, just add plain black or black & white stripes stockings or jeggings will do too. And then just braid your hair in half.
3. Doll - I love flare dresses specially with beautiful embroidery details. So if you have lot of them in your closet worry no more you can pegged as a doll. You can match it with white socks and fancy heels or boots. Alternatively, lace dresses can be a great doll costume too. 
4. Witch - I know everyone has LBD (little black dress) in their closet. So this can be a great Halloween costume... Grab your pointy black hat and broom and your off to fly wickedly. 
5. Goddess/Ghost - Now white maxi dresses can be a great Halloween costume too. You can be Sadaku and just let your long hair cover your face. Or you can go all glamorous and be as Athena, by adding a red scarf hang loss in the left shoulder, gold belt, and a gold headdress.
6. Angel - I am not sure if everyone has a wing white dress but if you do will thats an easy angel costume. However, for those who have lots of sexy white dresses you can make use of it and grab some wings and a halo.
That's it! I hope this can give you some held and give you ideas...
By the way, the dresses in the image above are from