Inlove with Maxis and Side Slit

Happy Monday!
Today marks the end of the long weekend. It's back to school tomorrow so I'll be waking up early to take care of the kiddo's needs.
The kiddo's birthday last Saturday was fun and tiring at the same time. The city is celebrating its annual Higalaay Festival. So many people in malls and everywhere in the city because of so many events happening. It's crowded and traffic. (>.<) 
I don't know when this all started but I seem to enjoy quite places and/or places with limited people around. I'm no longer use to dealing with crowds. Even with friends Im connected to just a few...
If I hadn't promise the kiddo I wouldn't have go out. Anyways, it was his birthday wish. And it was worth it because he had fun. Ive granted all that he wanted to do on that day from catching Pokemons, to eating at his fave restaurant, as well as playing at the arcade (which gave me muscle aches the day after.)  
What touches me the most, is that with all those activities we did he always asked me if I enjoyed it as well. My heart melts...Such a sweet kid! It's his birthday but his thinking of me.
About the look....
This was actually taken last May.
You may see this sleeveless top a lot for I have worn this a lot already. I just love mix and matching this Basic House top with anything.  
 I'm currently inlove with maxis and side slit. The skirt is my new addition in my closet. Found it at Centrio Mall Bazaar.